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SC Rewind: Picture Parade

Published: October 17, 2020 12:18 pm ET

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This week's edition of Rewind is another version of Picture Parade. The theme is based on Windsor Raceway, a track that opened almost exactly 55 years ago on Thursday, October 21, 1965. It was the fourth brand new Ontario racetrack opened in the decade. Designed for winter time racing, it quickly became a success and was an extremely popular spot for many years.

Today is another edition of Picture Parade. Probably by now no need for a detailed introduction. This time all of the pictures up for your guesses involve people and horses who raced at Windsor Raceway at various times during its almost 50 year history. Stables from both the U.S. and Canada raced at Windsor, providing quite a cross section of horse people from a fairly large geographical area. Just jot down the number and send in your guess. If you're not a game player then just have a look at the pictures, some go back 50 years!

#1 - It looks like No. 3 is about to be No. 1. Can you identify this young fellow in the sulky who started his career at the border oval?

#2 - Who is this talented driver? He racked up a lot of wins at Windsor over many seasons.

#3 -Fifty years ago it was quite an accomplishment to win 200 races in a single season. The two lads on the right did it in 1970. Can you name everyone in the winner's circle for the occasion?

#4 - This fellow raced at Windsor for a lot of years and operated his training centre about half an hour away from the track. Can you correctly identify him?

#5 - This picture captures quite a bit of early history from the Windsor track. The pictured horse was a fan favourite throughout his long career as well as his owners and driver pictured here. How many people can you name along with the horse in this 1973 photo?

#6 - This driver was a longtime performer at the Windsor Raceway. He made a lot of trips to the winner's circle. I only know the name of the driver (the one wearing silks, not the one seated); if anyone can identify the others please do so.

#7 - Who are these two gents? They both spent a lot of time at Windsor Raceway going back a very long way.

#8 - This fellow had more than one job over the years at Windsor. Do you recognize him?

#9 - Can you figure out this fellow on the far right? He was born and raised in the shadows of Windsor Raceway and raced there for countless years right up until it closed. I have probably ruined it by giving way too many clues! (Abahazy photo collection)

# 10 - This one could be about the toughest of all; but only maybe. Who is this man?

Bonus Photos

Shown below are head shots of three popular drivers, all connected with the long history of Windsor Raceway, Name one, or name them all. I will designate them as ABC.

A - Who am I?
B - Who do we have here?
C - Who is this young lad?

Quote For The Week - "Aging has caused me to require glasses. Glasses of beer and glasses of wine!"

Trivia Question - At the top of today's Rewind a picture used as the cover page for the Windsor Raceway program for a number of years is displayed. Can you identify the horse and driver of the leader of the field on this sunny afternoon? P.S. - After seeing it for decades I just found out not long ago from a Rewind follower who it is.

October 22, 2020 - 9:32 amThis week's list of pictures

This week's list of pictures was a long one but I believe at least one correct answer was submitted for each photo. The correct answers were as follows:
1 - Shelley Goudreau.(Thanks to Ken Fitzgerald for the photo)
2 - Randy Kerr
3 - From left - Bill Rowe, Joe DeFrank, horse was Roda, Greg Wright and Gerry Bookmyer
4 - Richard Carroll
5 - From left - Windsor Raceway officials Earl Rowe Jr. "Marvellous" Marv Chantler, Mabel Duford, driver Jerry Duford, Claybrook Van winning horse and Dennis Duford at the horse's head. Nice to hear from Ashley, a 4th generation (at least) member of the Duford family involved in harness racing. Photo from 1973.
6 - Driver is Jack Darling and the horse Rogues Gallery. From left to right - James Houlahan holding Justin Darling, Ann Darling, Jack, Jaclyn Darling (seated) with Paul and Kathy Edwards at the horse's head. Time was 2:01.1 for a purse of $4600 in May 1983 
7 - Bob McIntosh and Bill Gale - Provincial Cup night
8 - Lew Clark
9 - Randy Fulmer and his father Bruce (Also see comment from David Darocy) 
10 - George Ursitti - A U.S. driver who competed at Windsor in the early years. At one time he was a pro wrestler 
A -Ron Henderson
B - Pat Crowe
C - Doug McIntosh
 Trivia Question - The horse and driver pictured on the program front was Imperial Lee owned and driven by Clarence Hoyt, an automobile dealer in Norwich Ont. The horse was named for a Chrysler Imperial, a popular model of the day. Thanks to Leon Siple who pointed this out to me in an earlier Rewind.
Thanks to Silvio for your comment.

October 18, 2020 - 8:23 pm1. Shelly Goudreau. 2. Randy

David Darocy SAID...

1. Shelly Goudreau.
2. Randy Kerr.
3. William Rowe, Joe DeFrank, Greg Wright Sr. and Gerry Bookmyer.
4. “That Man” and class act Richard Carroll.
5. Earl Rowe, Marvin Chantler, Mabel Duford, her son Jerry and the greatest caretaker of ALL time Dennis Duford. Horse is Claybrook Van.
6. Driver Jack Darling with his wife and two young children, Paul Edwards holding the horses head.
7. William Gale and Robert McIntosh.
8. Lew Clark top trainer in the Windsor/Detroit area for many years and later worked in the race office and paddock at Windsor.
9. Bobby Dealz the caretaker, Bruce Fulmer, Louis Moison and driver Randy Fulmer at Wolverine Raceway. Randy told me a story of caretaker Bobby, he was not from Ontario and when asked by the Fulmer clan how did he come to Ontario he said that he was playing hockey on the St. Lawrence, got a breakaway and never looked back.
10. Ken Hardy.
Bonus: A happy Ron Henderson after driving H J Slugbug, Pat Crowe and Doug McIntosh.
Trivia: Clarence Hoyt driving Imperial Lee.

October 18, 2020 - 2:13 pm6. Jack and Ann Darling,

Jack Darling SAID...

6. Jack and Ann Darling, Ann's uncle Jim Houlahan holding Justin Darling and Jaclyn Darling on the sulky seat. Paul Edwards holding the horse and Kathy Edwards the groom.

October 18, 2020 - 1:41 am10 ken hardy

10 ken hardy

October 17, 2020 - 7:15 pm1- shelly goudreau 2- randy

1- shelly goudreau
2- randy Kerr driving invincible shadow
3- greg wright jerry Bookmyer jody frank bill rowell
4- Richard carroll
5- uncle jerry grandma Mabel daddy dennis and claybrook van
6- Jack darling justin darling on the seat. Wife anne. Paul Edwards holding the horse.
7- bill gale bob McIntosh mystery fund
8- lou clark
9- randy fulmer driver bruce fulmer wearing the hat. John dunning holding the horse.
10- George yoursetti?

A-rod henderson
B-pat Crowe
C-Doug mcintosh

Cover of Windsor raceway is clarence hoyt driving imperial lady.

October 17, 2020 - 5:34 pmnumber 10 donnie lawrence

paul ruhl SAID...

number 10 donnie lawrence

October 17, 2020 - 5:04 pm1. Shelly Goudreau 2. Randy

Jay Lekavy SAID...

1. Shelly Goudreau
2. Randy Kerr
3. William Rowe- Joe DeFrank -Greg Wright-Gerry Bookmyer
4. Richard Carroll
5. ??-Mabel Duford-Jerry Duford -Claybrook Van -Dennis Duford
6. Jack Darling
7. Bill Gale - Bob McIntosh
8. Lew Clarke
9. Randy Fulmer
10. George Ursitti
A- Ron Henderson B- William Hicks c- Doug McIntosh

October 17, 2020 - 5:04 pm1. Shelly Goudreau 2. Randy

W Doug HIe SAID...

1. Shelly Goudreau
2. Randy Kerr
3. Bill Rowe, Joe DeFrank, Greg Wright, Gerry Bookmyer
4. That man again, Richard Carroll
5. Bill Rowe Jr, Marv Chandler, Mrs Duford, Jerry Duford, Claybrook Van, Dennis Duford
6. Jack Darling.
7. Bill Gale and Bob McIntosh
8. Lew Clark
9. Randy Fulmer
11. Ron Henderson, Pat Crowe, Doug McIntosh

October 17, 2020 - 4:02 pm1. Shelly Goudreau 2. Randy

1. Shelly Goudreau
2. Randy Kerr
3. Greg Wright Gerry Bookmyer
4. Richard Carroll
5. Claybrook Van Duford Family Jerry Dennis
6. John Campbell
7. Bill Gale Bob McIintosh
8. Lew Clark
9. Randy Fulmer
10. Chet Dewbre [Wild guess]
A. Ron Henderson
B. Pat Crowe
C. Ives Gendron

Thanks again Mr. Smith for a walk down memory lane. I punched tickets there, owned Horses there and of course lost some money betting there too. I'm still sad when it closed, it was a home away from home and the people there were some of the nicest I'd ever met. How I miss the old days. Saw Albatross race there both times he came and I have a limited edition framed print when the great and I mean great Niatross raced there. Thanks again and keep the memories rolling.

October 17, 2020 - 2:22 pm3. Joe DeFrank, Greg Wright

Eric Warren SAID...

3. Joe DeFrank, Greg Wright and Gerry Bookmeyer
7. Bill Gale and Bob MacIntosh
Bonus C. Doug MacIntosh

October 17, 2020 - 2:18 pm1-shelley Goudreau 2-randy

Bob Belore SAID...

1-shelley Goudreau
2-randy Kerr
3-bill Rowe, joe defrank?,Greg Wright,Gerry bookmeyer
4-“that man again” Richard Carroll
5-claybrookvan and jerry duford, Dennis duford holding horses head
6-jack darling
7-bill gale and bob Mcintosh
8-Lew Clark
9-randy fulmar
11-Ron Henderson b)mike novick. C) Doug Mcintosh
Trivia-Clarence Hoyt and imperial lee. Mr. Hoyt had a Chrysler dealership in Norwich, ON

October 17, 2020 - 12:44 pm1. Shelly Goodreau 2. Randy

Gord Brown SAID...

1. Shelly Goodreau
2. Randy Kerr
3. Bill Rowe, Greg Wright, Gerry Bookmeyer
4. Jim Curran
5. Earl Rowe jr. Marvelous Marv Chantler, Mrs. Duford Jerry Duford, Claybrook Van
6. Jack Darling
7. Bill Gale, Bob Macintosh
8. Lew Clarke
9. Randy Fulmer
10. Hmm Greg Wright?
Bonus Ron Henderson, Pat Crowe, Doug Macintosh
Trivia possibly John Findlay.
Great job as always Robert thanks!

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