More Charges From 2015 Vet Plea

Published: October 17, 2018 03:02 pm EDT

It has been reported that fallout from a 2015 federal indictment against four equine veterinarians is continuing, as a pair of trainers are now facing charges as a direct result.

Based on information from indicted vet Dr. Fernando Motta, two more trainers that participate at the Penn National Race Course for Thoroughbreds have been charged with allegedly administering illegal medications to horses within 24 hours of races at the PA track in 2013, according to an article by

The report goes on to state that the trainers in question are John D. Conner, 50, of Hershey, and Bruce Kravets, 63, of Harrisburg.

It has been alleged that between October ad December of 2013, Conner illegally dosed six different horses with mental gold paste – which is a pain reliever – or Robaxin, which is used to treat inflammation and muscle spasms

It has also been alleged that over the course of October and November of 2013, Kravets dosed eight different horses right before races with a hormone substance referred to as estrogen adrenal cortex.

According to the allegations, particular horses under the trainers’ supervision were administered the medications at least 24 hours before their scheduled races, but that the doses were then backdated in the log in order to avoid detection by the Pennsylvania State Racing Commission.

In March of 2015, federal investigators in the U.S. charged four veterinarians, including Dr. Motta, with illegally administering drugs to racehorses on race day. The four vets then pleaded guilty to charges related to their roles in the illegal doping of racehorses. As part of their plea agreements, the vets identified many trainers that they conspired with to illegally administer the medications.

The report states that Conner and Kravets are scheduled for preliminary hearings regarding the charges in November.

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