Federal Investigation, Charges In PA

Published: March 27, 2015 04:01 pm EDT

Federal investigators in the United States have charged four veterinarians with illegally administering drugs to racehorses on race day.

A report on the situation by pennlive.com states that Dr. Fernando Motta, 44, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Dr. Renee Nodine, 52, of Annville, Pennsylvania, Dr. Kevin Brophy, 60, of Florida, and Dr. Christopher Korte, 43, of Pueblo, Colorado have all been charged in the probe.

The article states that the illegally activities took place at Penn National Race Course, the PA Thoroughbred track that was part of a well-publicized federal indictment two years ago.

The pennlive.com report has cited U.S. Attorney Peter J. Smith as saying that each of the vets are accused of administering drugs to racehorses within 24 hours of when they were scheduled to race.

The article goes on to explain that each of the veterinarians have reached tentative agreements with prosecutors that will see them to plead guilty and cooperate with an ongoing, multi-organization investigation. The report explains that the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the state police are all involved.

More in-depth details regarding the claims and charges against the vets can be read by checking out the pennlive.com here.

Via release on Friday afternoon, the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) praised the efforts of the law enforcement agencies.

“Today’s indictments are indicative of how racing commissions are teaming up with law enforcement and other government agencies to enforce laws designed to protect horses and the integrity of racing,” RCI President Ed Martin was quoted as saying.

(With files from pennlive.com and RCI)

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