International Trot To Resolve

Published: October 15, 2016 04:34 pm EDT

Resolve and Ake Svanstedt captured the 2016 $1-million International Trot in world record fashion on Saturday afternoon (October 15) at Yonkers Raceway, while two of harness racing's most popular performers -- Bee A Magician and Wiggle It Jiggleit -- offered strong supporting efforts on the undercard.

Svanstedt cleared Resolve to the lead early, looping the first leader Oasis Bi (Erik Adielsson) before receiving a ton of respect on the front end through uncontested fractions of :28.1, :57.1 and 1:26.

Obrigado (Mark MacDonald) prompted a swifter turn of foot with his first-over bid from fourth. The mile was reached in 1:54.4 with Resolve staying strong up front. The backfield started to make some ground on the leader but nothing overly threatening as Resolve tripped the timer in 2:23.4 for the 1-1/4 mile distance. Oasis Bi stayed for second, with Canada's Flanagan Memory (Brian Sears) nosing out On Track Piraten (Orjan Kihlstrom) for show.

“I tried to go to the lead because I know he’s very fast," said Svanstadt. “No race is easy; he worked hard, he did a good job. I was hoping to control the race and was able to do so. I wanted to be aggressive. He did everything himself, I was just a passenger. Once he got the lead, he was very comfortable. He could have gone even faster.”

Svanstedt trains and drives Resolve (Muscle Hill - Anikawiesahalee) for owner Hans Eggren of Pennsylvania. The winner's share of the purse bumps his seasonal bankroll over the $1.275 million mark.

In the $250,000 Yonkers Invitational Trot, Bee A Magician showed no signs of rust after a lengthy layoff knocking off a solid group of 10 trotters in her pari-mutuel return. After allowing Barn Doll (Jeff Gregory) to take the early lead, Bee A Magician cleared to the front and held off all challengers for the 2:25.1 win in the 1-1/4 mile contest. First-over Meladys Monet (Jason Bartlett) was a game second over pocket-sitting Barn Doll.

With her first win since May, Bee A Magician has surpassed the $4-million mark in career purse earnings for trainer Richard 'Nifty' Norman and owners Mel Hartman of Ottawa, Ont., Herb Liverman of Miami Beach and David Mc Duffee of Delray Beach, Florida.

“To have a horse ready to go the mile-and-a-quarter against a very good field after nearly five months is a credit to Nifty [Norman] and a credit to her,” said driver Brian Sears. “I qualified her this past Tuesday [at The Meadowlands], and she was impressive. Today, she was back to her ornery self and it was good to see.”

Wiggle It Jiggleit easily wired his foes in the $250,000 Yonkers Invitational Pace for Team Teague. Driven by Montrell Teague, the 2-5 fan favourite chased the gate away and crossed to command from the outside post seven by the first turn. He then carved out fractions of :27.3, :55.4 and 1:23.1 without facing any serious threats. Keystone Velocity (Brian Sears) moved first-over from fifth after the first half, but could get no closer than third. Bit Of A Legend N (Jordan Stratton) chased from the pocket, but Wiggle It Jiggleit kicked away down the stretch to win by two lengths in 1:50.2. Bit Of A Legend N settled for second while Mel Mara (Corey Callahan) finished third.

“I was surprised as anyone to no one left out of there,” said Montrell Teague. “He was on the bit and ready, so I let him go. It was a better trip than I could have ever imagined.

“Someone asked me going in what my strategy was, and I said I had idea, just see how the race unfolded.”

Clyde Francis trains the four-year-old Mr Wiggles-Mozzi Hanover gelding, who is just shy of the $4-million mark in career earnings for George Teague Jr. Inc. of Harrington, Delaware and Teague Racing Partnership of Boynton Beach, Florida.

As far as buying into the Breeders Crown, Teague said, “Dad and I have talked about it, but we’re not going to tip our hand yet.”

(With quotes from Yonkers Raceway & HRC)



Trevor you share my frustration. It's great that WIJI has so many fans but when they post they should keep it somewhat realistic... and Joe I do agree that the great Niatross is in a class all of his own. The Beach was a great horse and a step up from Miki and WIJI but there was only one Niatross. Niatross is to harness racing what the great Secretariat was to thoroughbred racing.

John Carter---- You said it perfectly.

I am in the exact same boat, as I love what WIJI is doing for racing and will do the next couple years especially since the best 3 year olds will no longer be racing as 4 and possibly 5 year olds. That hurts racing.

With Mike, I respect him, but he makes these comments just to get responses I feel.

They always are the ones with WIJI in the title and I often wonder if it is just so those posts get put on most discussed on the Standardbred Canada site? WIJI, doesn't need to draw up more fans, he is one of the most popular, and deservedly so, horses in years.

Totally agree with you (as I often do) John.
You just can't in my humble opinion compare any horse to Niatross. He was a one of a kind horse and if you happen to have had the chance to see him race live (as we did) consider yourself lucky. The Beach was in a higher class as well. I also agree with you about horse of the year. It should go to Betting Line though I can understand a vote for Marion Marauder too. As for the aged horses its been a lot of fun watching them butt heads. If I had to vote between the two I give Miki the edge. His wins seems to have come under more difficult trips, usually first over and when he's on his game I really don't think they beat him all else being equal.
But no horse, and I mean NO HORSE as you say, comes close to the ONE AND ONLY, THE MIGHTY NIATROSS :)
He not only beat his competition he DESTROYED them.
If we really want to be truthful and leave sentiments out of the equation there is no argument. Niatross was the best and BY FAR.

Joe, I respect WIJI as a racehorse. He is a great racehorse and I don't question that. My beef is, there are people who post here who are all fine gentleman I'm sure, but they try to make a case that WIJI is the greatest horse of all time, and you and I both know that's not true. He couldn't tie the shoelaces of Niatross or the Beach. He has raced very well in the aged division this year but hasn't even dominated the division. In my own opinion, Miki's races are more impressive and he has shown he is a higher speed horse. It's beyond apparent that the horse of the year award has turned into a popularity contest. Betting Line should be so far out in front of the polls it should be no contest. If WIJI wins the award they should do away with it. The award will have no meaning.

WIJI isn't responsible for the other horses that want to enter into the race. He gets entered into all the races and shows up. No matter who is entered. Was there ever a question as to Wiggle It Jiggleit racing in the Breeders Crown? Enjoy the races

Looks like it will come down to the Breeders Crown after all.
Hope all get good posts and mature comments... No excuses, no whining...
Tip O the hat to WIJI connections. It hasn't been this good in years.
Too bad there were not a better group supporting this event.
Imagine State Treasurer, Captaintreacherous, Foiled Again, Somebeachsomewhere.
Unfortunately they are a little thin in this group. All the best to WIJI and Miki.
Hopefully we get to see another nose to nose stretch duel.

Coming from me this might be weird because I was never a huge supporter of WIJI but I have to say I don't understand what the all the knocks are against him. Personally I don't care if they beat each other on big tracks, small tracks or medium tracks. The fact is they beat each other 3 times each. Now I have always said that I don't like important races like the Jug being on a half miler because the posts have too much of an impact. However having said that, if they race on a half miler and they both draw inside then as far as I'm concerned its a fair race for both of them. I never heard the legendary Niatross' connections complain about small or big tracks. You wanna be considered the best? Go out there and win.
As far s inferior competition goes, well you can only race what they put out in the race. That's not WIJI's or Mikis fault. Both these horses are so much better then the rest that if one of them races in a race where the other doesn't then the competition will automatically be inferior because these two tower over the rest.
Bottom line... it will come down to the Breeders Crown. Big track, big purse and should be a quality field.
Should be great for racing so bring it on.

Mike Scott... It wasn't my theory. It was Montrel's and stated so himself on Yonkers TV which had been reprinted in media I am sure. He thought they would bust off the gate and he would have to come from a hole first up.

I would think you would know this but apparently it is not just the way MIKI races that you seem to get mixed up with about who had the tougher trip etc but you can't even follow what your own driver of your own favorite horse said. You always see the race in a different way than others.

Yes enjoy the races. BC will be excellent and I am sure it will be great race. Hopefully there are eliminations and then final. Will be a shame to only see MIKI a couple more times and these older races with the changes reverting back next year.

Nice mincing of words... Mike... of course he is dominating... overnighters...
Anyone can figure that out. If someone offered 250k to race against NW/22,500 L5 or WO 27,500 LT why wouldn't you just take the money and run.
Miki is off to the Breeding shed, hence the need to increase his value by sending him to a big track to annihilate the old record. Miki not only has world/track records but he has them on many different sized tracks.

And just announced...
Wiggle it has indeed tossed his bridle into the middle and will be going to the Breeders Crown...

Mikey... The connections of WIJI are sitting on the fence about entering him in the Breeders Crown. Read carefully. Mr Thomas spelled it out clearly. Mr Thomas never implied which way Montrell should race him. He clearly stated that if need be he has a new trick in his bag of racing off the pace which makes him more dangerous. He raced off a helmet at Dayton and won...
You really need to read more carefully ...or stop making stuff up.
Check your facts.

All the fields, he races against are inferior. That's just a fact! He is that dominant. I think he has beat Miki twice on the big track? So what's this about not entering? Tell me when he didn't enter? I think with the win in Yonkers it's (3) in a row! Has Miki won (3) in a row this year?

P.S. it's a good thing that Montrel didn't follow your driving theory either, you had him racing out of a hole. Enjoy the races :)


The connections probably will enter him this year only for the money, as he needs to make it when he can. However, they didn't enter him last year as Pete beat him a few times on the larger tracks and think they figured if they went against him again and lost they may jeopardize the HOY award to him.

Hmmm....maybe they feel that way again and will dodge the big fella and the other stiff competition as well. I think they probably realize if the dodge MIKI in the Breeders Crown and he wins as normal that MIKI will be HOY.

Fact is, everyone keeps saying HOY and I think they should be saying Aged HOY, as Betting Line deserves the HOY award as great as MIKI has been along with some other horses.

Oh Mikey...
another 1/2 mile race against inferior overnighters.
At $.40 to the dollar he did what was gifted to him.
A paid workout.
I looked at all the horses' recent wins...
Except for Ouija they have all been winning in best...
It all comes down to the Breeders Crown...maybe...
His connections may not enter him...Big Track and all.

Great Race to Resolve!

I love the International Trot and bringing the foreign stars over here. It would have been great to see Nuncio but I believe he is resting up for the long year ahead. I think that the International is moved to the summer next year as well and probably because many of the foreign stars are shut down or just starting back up as the Pre d' Amerique is in January and they need to have a couple grade 1 or 2 races prior.

As for WIGI, yes he busted off the gate Mike... I believe that was what I said was his best asset. That was ridiculous though as no one left on the inside. Even Montrel was shocked. Truth was, there were no real leavers inside. Once again, I don't know why you are so proud of this race Mike Scott. What did he do? He beat the regular $50,000 Open pacers that race week-in-week-out at Yonkers. The purse was $250,000 as it was part of International Day not because of anything else. It wasn't even a part of the Grand Circuit series so it wasn't mapped out on the trainers schedules until recent news of it but by then many schedules were mapped out.

Don't get me wrong, WIJI did nothing wrong and went a good race and did what was expected but he did nothing special at all.
His followers in the Poll will increase his lead though so no worries to his fans. LOL

Fans should truly be upset about losing the "Gural rule" as it will hurt our industry so much. The racing has been great the last couple years, seeing the older horses.
Truth is, the 3 year olds were always called the glamour division, but last couple years it has been the older horses as the racing is much better. We are losing that.

Just a brilliant horse, made front before they opened the wings! He is the HOY :) almost 4 million $$

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