Frustration At Sudbury Info Session

Published: October 11, 2012 01:05 pm EDT

According to a report, City of Greater Sudbury Economic Development Director Ian Wood took the brunt of criticism from pro-horse racing and anti-casino yesterday during a casino information session in Sudbury.

An article by the Sudbury Star has explained that representatives from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. nor the Ontario Liberal Government were not on hand. It also explained that with minimal firm answers in terms of timelines and financial returns for the city, the crowd in attendance was not pleased.

Racehorse owner Stuart MacKenzie, a native of Ohio that has been living and racing horses in Sudbury for 30 years, stated that he said he will have to relocate back to his homeland due to the province's controversial gaming decision.

"I've been at Sudbury Downs 30 years, but I won't be able to last after this shameful action by the McGuinty government," MacKenzie said.

(With files from the Sudbury Star)



This is typical of the Mcguinty Gov...How many promises did they break the first year in power,then blame it on the former conservative gov.They continue to blame all the problems in Ontario on somebody else,instead of looking at their past history,But then who do we vote for when even the elected NDP Members are told not to vote when it counts by their leader..why do we elect them when their leaders tell them when too and when not to vote....

The meeting was a farce, Ian Wood took the brunt of the crowds anger because he was nothing more than a cheerleader for the OLG, Paul Godfrey could not have put on a better Rah Rah show for the OLG.
What was really evident was just how ill informed the Mayor and councilors from Sudbury are, they have absolutely no idea about what is / has gone on regarding horse racing, Health Care or Horse Racing it's that simple, our leaders have done a terrible job of educating the public on just what is at stake.

If it's such a great plan, why is the OLG and Mcguinty/Duncan avoiding everyone?

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