Slots To Remain At Grand River?

Published: January 7, 2013 12:11 pm EST

It has been reported that officials with Grand River Raceway are looking at reaching an agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. in order to ensure slot-machine gaming remains at the Elora, Ont. raceway beyond March 31, 2013.

An article by the Guelph Mercury has cited Grand River Raceway GM Dr. Ted Clarke as saying that his raceway is considering following the lead of Kawartha Downs and the Western Fair District, which reached tentative agreements with the OLG last month.

Slot-machine agreements currently being signed between the OLG and individual Ontario racetracks will be in effect immediately after the current slots-at-racetracks deal expires (March 31, 2013). The agreements would see slot machines stay at the tracks while the OLG conducts its request for proposal process, under its gaming modernization plan. After the RFP process is complete, the OLG plans to turn over the slot operation at racetracks to the chosen partners, either permanently, or until a new facility can be opened at another site within the gaming zone. Those decisions will be made during the selection process of the RFP.

“There will be life after March 31 (when the slots-at-racetracks program ends), the only question is, what circumstances will we be working in?” the report quoted Dr. Clarke as saying. “If it means we have to get by on less, then perhaps so.”

In regard to Grand River's negotiations with the OLG, Dr. Clarke was quoted as saying, “It’s (negotiations are) on the agenda, but not imminent.”

The article also contains quotes from horsemen Bob Young and Scott Young.

(With files from the Guelph Mercury)