Pacer Is A Rare High School Mascot

Published: January 20, 2012 02:08 pm EST

Think back to high school, when you knew everything. What was the school mascot? Was it a purple gryphon? Was it a majestic falcon? Chances are it wasn't a standardbred pacer… unless you hit the books at a particular secondary school

in Ladner, BC.

Delta Secondary School, to be exact.

According to a report by Dave Willis in The Delta Optimist, one of the walls in the school got a little 'TLC' over the winter holidays. When students returned to their studies, they also returned to gymnasium which now features a bustling depiction of pacers in full flight.

A mural on the gym wall stroked by artist Dean Lauzé is an homage to the local harness racing tradition. The piece shows a trio of pacers flashing speed, musculature and aggressiveness on the track while in rein to their drivers.

Ladner was home to the former Paterson Park raceway, a historic local racetrack.

The article states that feedback on the piece has been positive, especially from a particular 'DSS Pacer.'

"As a player, I find it makes me more proud of my school, to be a Pacer," said basketball team member Megan Trotman, who is also the school's student council prime minister.

To view more photos, read The Delta Optimist article in its entirety by clicking here.