Update: Militia Steals Prized Stallion

Published: January 13, 2020 05:06 pm EST

It’s hard to imagine that a story about an armed militia stealing stallions and in-foal mares could get any more surprising than what it was. Sadly, according to multiple published reports, it has.

Earlier this month, stallion Churchill Downs was one of multiple Thoroughbreds that were stolen during a 14-hour siege at Al Shaab Stud in Libya. After the ordeal, Al Shaab Stud owner Dr. Amad Ashaab explained that the armed group arrived, broke into the stable, stole all the veterinary devices, furniture, generators, jars and water pumps, in addition to the horses.

At the time, Dr. Ashaab called for “all humanitarian organizations and all horse organizations to save the horses of Libya.”

Now, according to multiple reports (including one by The Sun), the situation has actually gotten worse.

The update on the situation is that armed militiamen returned days later and stole the rest of the horses on the premises, which Dr. Ashaab has numbered at 30.

"Now armed militias from Tarhuna have returned to steal the remaining 30 horses. I expect the worst,” Dr. Ashaab explained via social media.

"I stand in front of a stable silenced, my world is sad, the world is shameful. Militias want to set fire to the stud. They have already burned my heart and soul.

"I cannot believe that my life's work has been destroyed and the horses have suffered from barbaric people."

(With files from The Sun)