Increase In KYSS Nominated Mares

Published: January 12, 2022 10:43 am EST

New enhancements to the Kentucky Sire Stakes program continue to drive growth in the number of mares moving to the Commonwealth and nominated to the program.

In 2021, 1,175 mares were nominated to the Kentucky Sire Stakes Program, up from 880 in 2020. This dramatic increase of over 33 per cent demonstrates the industry excitement about the new Kentucky harness racing circuit.

“Historical Horse Racing and significant increases in Kentucky Bred yearling prices have fueled growth of the overall business in Kentucky," said Bob Brady, president of the Kentucky Harness Association and Kentuckiana Farms partner. "New mares moving to Kentucky to be boarded to meet mare residency requirements is climbing to record high numbers. Everyone I talk to tells me their mare population is never been higher."

In order to be nominated to the Kentucky Sire Stakes Program (Kentucky Standardbred Development Fund & Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund 810 KAR 7:040), a mare must reside in Kentucky for 180 days during the calendar year of conception and must register with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

Beginning with the 2021 breeding season, the Kentucky Sire Stakes Program also offered a Stallion Bonus program. Any horse that resulted from a stallion standing in Kentucky and a mare residing in Kentucky for 180 days, as well as nominated to the program, is eligible to receive a 50 per cent bonus if finishing first through fifth in all legs and the finals of the Championship and Commonwealth Series Programs.

(Kentucky Harness Association)

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