Beshear Expected To Unveil Amendment

Published: January 11, 2012 03:10 pm EST

According to a report, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has been in discussions for weeks regarding a constitutional amendment which would pave the way for expanded gaming in the state. It is expected that he will be announcing his plans in the coming days


89.3 WFPL News has run an article which has quoted Sen. Beshear as saying that he is not waiting until February to introduce the bill.

“Well I don’t have any artificial deadlines on this,” Beshear was quoted as saying. “Obviously we need to get this done before the end of the session and we’ll be moving sooner rather than later. We’re not going to be waiting around till up in February to put anything out on the table. You know we’re looking in the next week or so to have language out there or a bill out there and hopefully active consideration on it.’

The Governor also stated that there is bipartisan support for the initiative.

“I think several senators, both Democrat and Republican, have expressed support of the idea of getting this issue on the ballot finally and letting the people decide,” he said. “So I’m cautiously optimistic that as we pull everybody together we will find the language that folks can agree upon and we’ll get something passed the Senate, over to the House, and get it passed the House and onto the ballot.”

(With files from 89.3 WFPL News)

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