Ronniejo On The Mend

Published: January 11, 2011 12:15 pm EST

After going through shock and hypothermia, and after suffering abrasions and swelling, boarder/caretaker Mary Jane Skarda didn't know what to expect from retired racehorse Ronniejo Hanover yesterday morning when she opened the

barn door to check on her.

“There were these two little faces looking at me,” Skarda said in reference to 'Ronniejo' and her pal, Westgate Dancer.

A follow-up article by The Record explains that Ronniejo's ordeal began Sunday afternoon, when she and two other horses escaped from their paddock. She broke through a wooden lid covering the storage tank and slipped through its two-foot-square opening. Struggling to keep her head above freezing water, Ronniejo was saved when the fire department showed up and rescued her.

“You have no idea how much I thank them,” Skarda was quoted as saying with tears steaming down her face. “These are my babies. I love my animals very much.”

The report explains that a vet came out to check on Ronniejo yesterday, and Skarda said that, "things look excellent" and “the girl’s got spice.”

(With files from The Record)

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Aww.. This mare is a fighter. Bless her and her wonderful owner and the Firefighters who helped save her.

I Hope someone does something special for those firemen. They did an excellent job rescuing Ronniejo. It is nice to see she is doing fine especially at that age.
Well Done!!