Century Casinos Filly Pace

Sponsor: Alberta Standardbred Horse Association

Century Casinos Filly Pace #2 For 3-year-old pacing fillies in 2022 (foals of 2019).
Century Casinos Filly Pace #3 For 3-year-old pacing fillies in 2023 (foals of 2020).
Century Casinos Filly Pace #4 For 3-year-old pacing fillies in 2024 (foals of 2021).

Province: AB
Raced at: Century Mile
3FP - $110,000 E (Final) (Subject to H.R.A. Approval)
Eliminations: November 26, 2022
Final: December 3, 2022
Payment Schedule:
Three-Year-Old Payments:

(for foals of 2019)
Nomination fee: $10 due May 15, 2020
Late Nomination fee: $600 due August 15, 2021. This payment may be paid if the yearling nomination was not made. This payment will also include the $300 2-year-old sustaining payment.
Sustaining Fee: $300 due August 15, 2021
Sustaining Fee: $600 due February 15, 2022

Two-Year-Old Payments:

(for foals of 2020)
Nomination fee: $10 due June 15, 2021
Late Nomination fee: $600 due July 15, 2022 ($300 late fee and includes 2 year old sustaining fee)
Sustaining Fee: $300 due July 15, 2022
Sustaining Fee: $600 due February 15, 2023

Yearling Payments: (for foals of 2021)
Nomination fee: $10 due June 15, 2022
Late Nomination fee: $600 due July 15, 2023 ($300 late fee and includes 2 year old sustaining fee)
Sustaining fee: $300 due July 15, 2023
Sustaining fee: $600 due February 15, 2024
Supplemental Fee: $3,600
Starting Fee: $600
Fee Notes: Fees listed in Canadian funds.
Nomination and sustaining cheques to be made payable and mail to Standardbred Canada, Stakes Department.

For more detailed conditions, visit ASHA Stallion Directory & Stakes Guide.

Cancellation: Century Downs Racetrack & Casino and ASHA reserve the right to re-schedule either or both races if for the reasons beyond its control.

RULES: These events to be raced under the above conditions, which are subject to change without notice of any liability whatsoever and the Rules and Directives of Horse Racing Alberta. All stakes races are subject to change of venue. NOTE: Standardbred Canada/ASHA cannot accept inadequacies in the postal system as an excuse for late or lost payments. It is therefore suggested that payments be made by registered mail, courier, or hand delivered to ensure safe delivery. Payments, if mailed, must clearly show the P.O Postmark on the envelope that it was, in fact mailed prior to midnight of the due date. (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays accepted). FUTURE PAYMENTS: Standardbred Canada/Alberta Standardbred Horse Association, as a courtesy, will make every effort to advise nominators of future sustaining payments but it is the responsibility of the owner of the eligible colt or filly to ensure that future sustaining payments are made whether or not a notice has been received.

Payment Distribution: Nomination Fees and all other payments will be credited to the specific race.

Notice: Failure to make any payment required by the conditions constitutes an automatic withdrawal from the event.

Racing Conditions:

All races will contest at a distance of one (1) mile. If eleven (11) or more horses declare the race shall be conducted in elimination and a final. Purses for all races will be distributed as follows: 5 or more starters: 50-25-12-8-5% 4 starters: 50-25-15-10% 3 starters: 58-29-13% 2 starters 65-35% 1 starter: 100%.

Drivers and Trainers Fees: The drivers and trainers fees may be disbursed in accordance with the policy of the track at the time of the race.

Disputes: In the case of any dispute as to the interpretation of these conditions, the decision of the Sponsor shall be final. All fees and payments in any race are accepted on the condition that all claims, objections and appeals arising out of these races or with respect any interpretation of any rules or conditions of the races, otherwise shall be decided by the Sponsor.


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