Brian Andrew Memorial

Sponsor: PEIHRIA

a) For foals of 2020 to race as two-year-old trotters in 2022, that were sold at the 2021 Atlantic Classic Yearling Sale, and who have made a nomination payment of $100 by March 15, 2022


b) For foals of 2020 to race as two-year-old trotters in 2022, that were foaled in Prince Edward Island and who have made a nomination payment of $450 by March 15, 2022.

Condition Changes: a)No Division of the stake shall consist of more than eight entries.

b) Change to purse distribution.

Divisions: May be split by sex and raced in divisions if sufficient numbers exist. For this stake, that number will be a minimum of three colts and three fillies to create an additional division of the age group. No division shall consist of more than eight entries.


CONTRIBUTORS: Others, as may be arranged, who might contribute money, goods, or services.

Purse: $8,500 A
Province: PE
Raced at: To be raced at Charlottetown Driving Park or Summerside Raceway with the approval of sponsors and the APHRC.
September 22, 2022 at Charlottetown Driving Park
Payment Schedule:
Two-Year-Old Payments:

Nomination fee:

$100 due March 15, 2022 for those 2020 foals sold through the 2021 Atlantic Classic Sale


$450 due March 15, 2022 for 2020 foals that were foaled in Prince Edward Island.

Starting Fee: $200 due no later than one hour to post time
Fee Notes:

Payments can be made through SC Stakes Online by clicking here.

Payments can also be made directly to Standardbred Canada by mail.


BREEDERS AWARD: Breeders’ awards, as determined by the sponsor, shall be paid to two-year old trotters whose certificate of registration indicates place of foaling to be Prince Edward Island and whose dam resided on PEI for at least 183 days of the foaling year. (Residency requirement to be verified by signed affidavit submitted to PEIHRIA preferably before December 1 st of the foaling year. These awards shall be paid by the PEI Harness Racing Industry Association subject to funding made available from Government programs in support of the Island breeding industry. GENERAL CONDITIONS: 1. APHRC assumes no liability for purses, injury, damages, or loss to participants in this event. 2. Each event is to be contested at one mile (1609 m). 3. The PEIHRIA reserves the right to cancel any or all races for whatever reason. If an event is not raced the Association’s liability will be limited to a refund of nomInation and starting fees only without interest. Nominating fees will be refunded pro rata only among those entering the cancelled race. The PEIHRIA, within its sole discretion, may from time to time make amendments to the terms and conditions of the Brian Andrew Memorial Stake of any kind whatsoever, included added money, as well as nomination and sustaining payments and starting fees, and the person nominating and/or sustaining agrees to be bound by such changes. 4. Nomination must be made to become eligible for the event. All nominating and starting fees paid in shall be added to the purse with no deduction for administration. 5. A starting fee of $200 is payable for the event and is due no later than one hour prior to the post time of the event entered. 6. All horses must qualify to race based on time and performance standards established for the Atlantic Standardbred Breeders Association or as amended by the participating racetrack with the approval of the Prince Edward Island Harness Racing Industry Association. 7. Declaration shall be three days prior to race date excluding Sundays and holidays at 10:00 a.m. 8. Horses declared in any event shall be divided according to APHRC rules where there are 9 or more declarations to start. No division shall consist of more than eight entries. 9. The purse shall consist of all nomination and starting fees received for the event, plus a contribution from the host track, plus any sponsorship money added. All divisions of any event shall carry the same purse based on total purse divided by the number of divisions. 10. Purses shall be distributed to the first five finishers in any event or division thereof based on 45%, 25%, 15%, 10%, and 5% for the first through fifth finisher. If four finishers 50%, 25%, 15%, 10%. If three finishers 50%, 30%, 20%. If two finishers 60%, 40%. If one finisher 100%. 11. The contribution from the host track shall be $1,500 per division. 12. a) A minimum of five horses must be nominated to the event before it will be held. If less than five entries are nominated to the event, the event will be cancelled, and nomination fees returned. b) A minimum of five horses must be declared into the event before it will be staged. If less than five horses declare into the event, the event will be cancelled, and nomination and starting fees received will be refunded as per Condition # 3. c) To be eligible to declare to start in the event, a horse must meet the qualification requirements of Condition # 6 above and have made the necessary payments as required above. 13. Unless as otherwise specified above, the Brian Andrew Memorial Stake shall be contested under the rules of Standardbred Canada and the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission. 14. Nomination fees are to be paid to Standardbred Canada. Starting fees are payable to the host track. 15. In the event that an explicit interpretation of these conditions might not be acceptable to all parties, the PEIHRIA Board of Directors reserves the right to interpret these conditions in an implicit manner in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization as may be established and emended from time to time. 16. Standardbred Canada and the PEIHRIA assume no responsibility for nominations or payments made by mail which are not received. Sending payments by Registered Mail is recommended. All payments must be post marked no later than the said due date.


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