Research Study Needs Your Help

Published: June 23, 2016 03:40 pm EDT

Researchers from the University of Guelph’s Department of Population Medicine (Ontario Veterinary College) are looking to recruit Standardbred race facilities and sport/competition facilities (all breeds) within the Wellington region for a study to determine the contact patterns between horses and people.

More particularly, the study is looking to determine the contact patterns (who comes in contact with who) between horses and people (who come into regular contact with the horses).

The study will be run by PhD student Rachael Milwid and will be under the direct supervision of Drs. Amy Greer and Terri O'Sullivan.

The study will use a small tag (smaller than a ‘loonie’) that will record contacts between horses and people (staff / trainers) that come in contact with each other, as well as the duration of the contact.

Study officials are inviting all interested parties to give their consent/ permission to enroll their horse in the study. The tag will be attached to the horse’s halter. They will record all contact your horse has with other individuals and horses who are also wearing the tags.

People that participate in the study will wear a tag on a lanyard (under their shirt) during work hours.

The study will last for two one-week periods. The dates of the study periods are to be determined, but will be one week in spring/summer and one week in fall / winter 2016.

Participants will be part of groundbreaking research that aims to determine the contact patterns (which individuals come in contact) between horses and humans on various facility types.

Horses and people that participate in the study will be entered in a draw to win an equine retail gift voucher valued at $600, $300 or $100 with a chance of 1 in 80 of winning.

Contact information appears below.

Dr. Amy Greer
[email protected]
519-824-4120 (Ext. 54070)

Dr. Terri O’Sullivan
[email protected]
519-824-4120 (Ext. 54079)

Rachael Milwid
[email protected]