Are You & Your Horse Ready To Race?

Published: May 26, 2021 11:05 am EDT

Do you have a horse that will be qualifying for the first time this year, or for the first time ever? Do you have your paperwork in order?

Standardbred Canada would like to remind all horsepeople that all memberships and eligibility fees need to be paid. Additionally, name changes need to be made before a horse ever qualifies. Coggins tests are required as set out in the rules in your racing jurisdiction.

If the $73 eligibility fee is not paid prior to a horse making its first start (in a race or qualifier), the horse will be suspended after its first outing in 2021, and the owner of the horse will then be invoiced. The horse will not be reinstated until the fee is paid (horses do not get ‘free starts’). Please note that if the owner does get invoiced, a $16 (plus HST) processing fee will also be added to the original $73 fee.

The eligibility fee can be paid effective immediately and this and membership renewals are two of many services that can be purchased online. To pay online, register with the SC website and sign into eShop by clicking the eShop button at the top of the homepage.

Eligibility fees can be paid via eShop or by contacting head office, at 905-858-3060, or by faxing the form – which is available by clicking here – to 905-858-8047.

To view a list of some of the member forms, click here.

Use SC Self-Serve Online Entry for Qualifiers

Trainers are reminded that you can use SC’s Self-Serve online entry program to make your horse entries for qualifying races.

Qualifying races at several Ontario tracks kick off this week.

Trainers are strongly encouraged to sign up for SC’s Self-Serve online entry program and set up their stables in advance of qualifying and race dates.

What do you need to sign up?

The program only works with a Gmail address, so if you do not have a Gmail address, you need to do that first! Click here to create one. You must use your Gmail address for anything to do with Online Entry. Your pin number and your entry confirmations will be sent to your Gmail address only!

Sign Up For Online Entry

If you have a Gmail account and your membership number handy and are ready to sign up, click here. Please be advised that it can take up to two business days to be authorized to use Self-Serve once you register.

If you have registered and previously used Self-Serve, you’ll want to sign in, take a look at the upgrades, and get your Stable of Horses set up.

To check out the “How To” videos and other resources for Self-Serve online entry, click here.

If you require any further assistance on how to use Self Serve, or for technical help, call 905-858-3060 and press "3" for SC's Self Serve assistance.

Fast and mobile-friendly, SC’s Self Serve is FREE to SC trainers in good standing. You have access seven days a week and can enter your horses from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.