2013 OSS Program Details Released

Published: April 23, 2013 12:02 pm EDT

The details of the 2013 Standardbred Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) were announced today by the Program Administrator of the Horse Improvement Program.

Following extensive work by industry groups, the OSS has been repositioned to meet the challenges of the future, while maintaining many of the features that will ensure that the OSS continues to be one of the leading programs of its type in North America.

A total of $14.6 million in purses will be offered to Ontario Sired horses under a Grassroots and Gold format. The Ontario Sired and Ontario Bred Rewards, at 5% and 15% respectively, will be maintained to support the breeding community.

Gold Series (Revised Format)

• The Gold Series for each category (age/sex/gait) will consist of 2 legs leading up to a Mid-Season Challenge, followed by 2 more legs, culminating in the Gold Super Finals in late September.

• Each leg will have a total purse of $210,000 with a maximum purse of $150,000 per division. Therefore, Gold events with only one division will compete for a purse of $150,000, whereas for Gold events with more than one division, the $210,000 purse will be split between the number of divisions required.

• The starting fee for each leg will be $800.

• Horses will earn points in the first two legs with the top 10 points earners drawing into the Mid-Season Challenge for a purse of $150,000. The starting fee for the Mid-Season Challenge will be $800.

• The Mid-Season Challenge will offer a Consolation of $50,000 for the next 10 point earners. The Consolation will be cancelled if fewer than five (5) horses are entered. The starting fee for the Consolation will be $500.

• At the end of the season, the top 10 point earners entered in each category (age/sex/gait) will compete in the Gold Super Final for a purse of $200,000.

• Any horse may be entered into its respective OSS Gold Super Final or Grassroots Final, but it cannot be entered in both unless it was listed as an also eligible and did not draw into the Grassroots Final.

Grassroots Series

• The Grassroots Series for each category (age/sex/gait) will consist of 6 regular season events leading up to the Grassroots Championships in late September.

• Grassroots starting fees have been reduced to $300.

• Each Grassroots event will have a total purse of $90,000, with a maximum purse of $18,000 per division, Therefore, Grassroots events with 5 divisions or less will compete for a purse of $18,000 per division. If an event requires 6 or more divisions, the $90,000 will be split between the number of divisions required.

• Grassroots Semi-Final races have been removed from the Program

• The top 10 point earners entered in each age/sex/gait category will compete in a Grassroots Championship for a purse of $50,000.


• As in previous years, Gold and Grassroots events will be numbered 1 through 5. In the new Gold format, the Mid-Season Challenge and Consolation will be considered Event #3. Horses are eligible to enter either the Gold or the Grassroots event of the same number but not both.
With 6 Grassroots events and only 5 Gold events, two of the Grassroots events will have the same number and will be referred to as either “A” or “B”. For example, when the Grassroots events of the same number are 3A and 3B, horses drawn into Gold #3 will have to miss both Grassroots 3A and 3B.

The full PDF embedded above is also available on the OSS website.

With the issuance of the 2013 race date calendar by the Ontario Racing Commission, the administration is currently working on completion of the 2013 OSS race schedule and will release a calendar of dates and locations shortly.

The Program Administrator wishes to thank the Working Group and the Standardbred
Improvement Program Advisory Group, for their thoughts and advice in helping to form the 2013 season.