Important Info For Members Racing In The U.S.

Published: April 22, 2021 10:15 am EDT

Do you have a horse going to the U.S. to race? Are you a SC trainer or driver member and going stateside to race? If so, Standardbred Canada has some important information you need to know regarding eligibility fees and insurance coverage.

Prior to sending horses to the United States to race, Canadian trainers and owners are encouraged to pay their eligibility with Standardbred Canada. Canadians may opt to pay the U.S. eligibility fee when going to the U.S. to race, but this is not advised IF you plan on returning to Canada to race in the same year if your horse is solely Canadian owned, as you will be required to pay the Canadian eligibility fee as well.

To avoid duplication of payment, Standardbred Canada advises members with horses that are solely Canadian-owned and heading to the U.S. to race, but returning to Canada this year, to only pay the Canadian eligibility fee.

If you are a SC trainer or driver or groom member and going to the U.S. to race, it is important that your membership is current in order for your insurance to be up to date and relevant for your protection.

Accident insurance for drivers, trainers, grooms, officials

If you are a Driver, Trainer, Groom or Official, under age 70, you are eligible for three kinds of insurance for horse-related accidents when you become a paid-up member of Standardbred Canada. Participation in the plan is mandatory and the cost will be reflected in your annual membership renewal.
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For the Members Accident Claim & Medical Report form, click here.

SC also offers Horsemen’s liability insurance:

Horsemen's liability program

Should your horse injure someone or damage property of others, then you would be covered for damage, as the court would determine, up to $1,000,000. In addition, all legal costs incurred to defend you from a third party claim (lawsuit) are paid. The plan is in effect 24 hours a day in any location in North America.

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