Harness Racing BC Call For Director Noms.

Published: March 7, 2011 01:46 pm EST

The Board of Directors of Harness Racing British Columbia has announced notice of the election of directors for 2011 – 13, and has sent out a call for nominations


  • Six directors must be elected this year, for terms of two years.
  • Any Active Member in good standing (dues paid up) is eligible to be nominated. Two of the six who are elected must be Owners, two must be Breeders, and two Trainer/Drivers.
  • Nominations must be received at the HRBC office by 4:30 p.m. on Friday March 18, 2011. Nomination forms will be available from the HRBC office.
  • A nominee must be nominated in writing by the Nominations Committee or two other Active Members, must consent to the nomination, and must be endorsed by the Board.
  • A nominee must have also been resident in BC for at least one year, and cannot be a director, officer, employee or shareholder of a Racing Association.
  • Each nominee must declare whether she/he is an Owner, Breeder or Trainer/Driver at the time of nomination.
  • The Nomination Committee is chair Jim Vinnell, David Woolley, Brett Currie, Nigel Holmes, Rick White and Jim Mohorich.
  • If there are only enough candidates to fill the vacancies for Breeders, Owners, and/or Trainer/Drivers, then they will be declared elected at the Annual General Meeting on April 4. (If they are fewer than two candidates in any of those groups, nominations and an election for it will be held at the AGM.)
  • If there are more candidates than vacancies for the positions open to Breeders, Owners, or Trainer/Drivers, then an election will be held under bylaw 6.5. Mail ballots will be prepared and sent to all members later in April, and returned and counted in May. A full election report will then be sent to members.
  • The bylaws require 90 days notice of an election, so that if feasible the results of any needed vote by ballot can be announced at the AGM. That won’t be possible, as there are fewer than 90 days until the AGM. If a mail vote is required, there isn’t enough time for it to take place and the results to be announced until after the AGM. The Board apologizes for this inadvertence, and will ensure that the timing is better synchronized next year. If you have any concerns about this, please contact the CEO Doug McCallum or President Jim Vinnell.

(Harness Racing BC)

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