SOANY Board Elected At General Meeting

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Published: December 5, 2023 09:05 am EST

On Saturday, Dec. 2, the Standardbred Owners Association of New York (SOANY) held its Board of Trustees and Board of Directors meetings.

The major topics discussed during the Board of Trustees meeting were the SOANY's strong financial position, the New Bonus Plan (which replaced the Old Retirement Plan) and a change of healthcare and dental providers.

The major topics discussed during the Board of Directors meeting were the election results (see below), SOANY's strong financial position, the purse account, condition sheet and 2024 racing schedule (240 race dates).

At the Board of Directors meeting, all incumbent Directors were re-elected without opposition:

Tom Ceraso (Owner category)
Michael Forte (Driver/Trainer category)
Sandra Kaufman (Owner category)
Stanley Noga (Owner category)
Jordan Stratton (Driver/Trainer category)

The following Officers were elected to serve for one-year terms:

Joseph A. Faraldo, President
Peter Venaglia, 1st Vice President
Irv Atherton, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer
Chris Wittstruck, 3rd Vice President
Peter Younger, Secretary

The following Executive Committee was elected for 2023:

Joseph A. Faraldo
Peter Venaglia
Irv Atherton
Jordan Stratton

The following Trustees were elected for 2023:

Peter Venaglia (Chairman)
Joseph A. Faraldo
Irv Atherton
Chris Wittstruck
Peter Younger
Jordan Stratton (1st Alternate)
Ray Schnittker (2nd Alternate)
Tom Ceraso (3rd Alternate)


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