Open Letter To SC's Ontario Members

Published: December 19, 2016 04:00 pm EST

The following is an open letter penned by Dan Gall, Standardbred Canada's President & CEO, to the organization's Ontario-based members.

As many are aware there has been significant discussion and viewpoints presented regarding Ontario Racing’s consultation process and the proposed direction for the horse racing industry in Ontario.

Having attended most every consultation meeting, it has become abundantly clear that there are many questions and various opinions as to why (or why not) the proposal should be implemented.

It is Standardbred Canada’s opinion that the Ontario horse racing industry support the proposed funding, and work together on OR’s suggested framework to demonstrate to government the collective willingness to course correct a business that is in need of a reset of how we think and conduct our business going forward.

The idea of performance objectives, business plans, strategic planning and governance is a part of business and I encourage that it is viewed as such.

Ontario Racing’s proposed plan is not personal, it is merely business. It is time to set aside emotion and deal with the simple facts going forward.

The facts are:

  • We have a proposal from government for long term funding for the Ontario industry

  • The industry needs to change its way of doing business and drive towards sustainability

  • Building on the framework presented is a positive step forward from where we currently are

Although I certainly value individual opinion it is now time to rally and work together as a team to move our sport forward by demonstrating a cohesive team effort to make the tough decisions and plans that are required for the Ontario horse racing market.


Dan Gall
Standardbred Canada President and CEO

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