Seiling Pens Open Letter

Published: December 12, 2011 10:59 am EST

Ontario Racing Commission Chair Rod Seiling has issued an open letter to the industry, a follow-up to his March, 2011 invitation for the industry to get involved in efforts to revitalize racing


In his letter, Seiling states that he recognizes the work and effort by tracks, horsepeople and the Ontario Racing Commission administration for the successful conclusion of the 2012 live race-date allocation process.

The first year of the Ontario Racing Program is nearing completion, and Seiling is urging all participants to build on the momentum achieved in this first year of the program and make that business better.

To read Seiling's letter, click here.



Let's be careful here before we celebrate- it is my understanding that the bet is up at WEG but the on track handle and the Canadian handle is not, and the BET is from the US market. Keep up the promoting and simulcasting but start promoting on site handle as well. IE- Breeders Crown at MOHAWK !!!

YES to the tracks getting involved but stop tying their hands... Kawartha Downs as an example- why have the exact same purse and number of races in the summertime with a fair crowd and 180 horses in the box every week as late fall and winter racing with 12 people in the grandstand and 98 horses in the box for 12 races of which only 11 filled and short fields.

Free up the rules and make it MANDATORY to field an extra race or 2 a night when the box has XXX extra horses and thus full fields.

Jim Huck and his crew do a great job at promoting to new attendees- backstretch tours (photo club), starting car rides, trivia , Xmas turkey dinner BUT what is ownership doing about the dining room- only open part time- open it , put on 2 for 1 specials in local papers- promote KD and the sport. JIM and team- keep up the effort !!!

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