PA’s Online, Searchable Rulings Database

Published: November 4, 2016 02:17 pm EDT

Results of official rulings issued against licensees by the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission now will be available online as part of the commission’s continuing commitment to transparency and modernizing its oversight of the state’s racing industry.

Historically, access to the database of rulings was limited to racing regulators. Today, any decision, matter or action taken by racing judges, stewards, or the commission, relating to racing activities now will be publically accessible and searchable through

“The Pennsylvania Racing Commission’s priority is the integrity of the state’s racing industry, and often that is enforced through rulings on inappropriate conduct by those participating in the sport,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding. “Making these commission rulings available to those who want to know is an important component of government transparency. If you know that a ruling against a party is pending or has recently been deliberated, you can search for that ruling without contacting the commission.”

To access a ruling, the searcher must know whether the parties involved are in Thoroughbred or Standardbred racing and know the name of the trainer, stable or partnership. The full text of each ruling is available by clicking on each respective search result.

For more information about racing in Pennsylvania, visit and search ‘racing.’

(Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture)



A great idea. Would love to see this available in Ontario so one can follow the progression of rulings without having to rely on the inconsistent reporting we currently receive.

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