Up To Date With 2020 Eligibility Fees?

Published: November 28, 2019 02:19 pm EST

Standardbred Canada would like to remind all owners and horsepeople that 2020 eligibility fees must be paid prior to a horse making its first start or qualifier.

If the $73 eligibility fee is not paid prior to a horse making its first start (in a race or qualifier), the horse will be suspended after its first outing in 2020 and not reinstated until the fee is paid. Please note that if the fee remains unpaid, an invoice will be issued the following month, along with a processing fee of $16.00 plus HST ($91.08 total).

Eligibility fees can be paid to any Standardbred Canada field representative, or by contacting SC's field services department at 905-858-3060 (Ext. 251), or by faxing the form – which is available by clicking here – to 905-858-8047.

The fees can also be paid online via the SC website by clicking here.

For information regarding late-start eligibility fees, click here.