List Of Ont. Farms For Mare Boarding

Published: November 25, 2015 12:16 pm EST

A list of Ontario farms that are wishing to board out-of-province mares for the Ontario Resident Mare Program has been compiled and posted.

The list is comprised of farms whose owners have submitted their information and will be updated as new farms are added.

A requirement of the Ontario Resident Mare Program is that the mare be resident in Ontario for 180 consecutive days surrounding foaling. Once the mare has met the requirements, the resulting foal will be registered as ONTARIO BRED and the person who enrolled the mare will be eligible for Ontario Bred Rewards. These rewards amount to 15 per cent of the horse’s earnings in the Ontario Sires Stakes and selected Open Stakes. The top Ontario Bred Rewards earner in 2015 earned over $99,000.

The new $2 million Owners’ Purse Bonus, which begins in 2017, will reward the owner of ONTARIO BRED horses on a pro-rata basis according to their earnings in Ontario overnight races. Horses that are ONTARIO SIRED or ONTARIO BRED are eligible for this bonus. If the horse is both ONTARIO SIRED and ONTARIO BRED, the owner will receive double the bonus.

For more information on the Ontario Resident Mare Program, please contact Robin McClure at Standardbred Canada (905-858-3060) or Karen Hauver at (519-369-3545).

(Ontario Racing Commission)

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