More Praise For 'The Beach'

Published: November 13, 2008 12:43 pm EST

Every time Somebeachsomewhere races he seems to gain new fans. Veteran trainers, handicappers and racing insiders continue to express their collective adoration for the multiple World Record holder.

In an article today by The Guelph Mercury, more comments praising the three-year-old son of Mach Three were published.

"He's reinforced one of the most popular tenets in harness racing -- that a good horse can come from anywhere and happen to anybody. Harness racing is truly an egalitarian sport in this way that other sports simply can't duplicate. A group of folks from the Maritimes may never own an NFL football team, but they can end up with one of the best pacers to look through a bridle," said Hambletonian Society's Moira Fanning.

"He is a freak and everyone loves a freak. He is the complete package -- the best pacer I've ever seen," said Steve Elliott, conditioner of Donato Hanover, who dominated the sport's two and three-year-old trotting scene in 2006 and 2007.

Highly respected horseman Dr. John Hayes was also quoted as saying: "The people behind him are eminently likable, and regular Joes." Art Zubrod of Brittany Farms also hit the nail right on the head when he said: "He excited a dwindling fan base." Andrew Cohen, CBS legal analyst and harness racing columnist, was quoted as saying: "He's forced countless Americans to discover where the Maritimes are," referring to the fact that 'The Beach' is owned and trained by Maritime connections, and has spent a lot of time in Canada's East Coast.

"He's got strength, he's got the gait -- which is flawless -- and he's got the will," said The Beach's pilot, Paul MacDonell. "Those are three things. A lot of horses will have one of them. He's got them all."

(With files from The Guelph Mercury)



It’s a darn shame that a horse that generates as much excitement as somebeach has will not return for another year or two to race and set more records and draw the fans to the track. Too many of harness racing super stars are standing in the breeding shed. What would happen if Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby etc. retired after a couple of seasons. The NHL would be in the toilet. I think too much money is concentrated on the two and three year olds. Spread it out more when the horses are four and five year old and may be we can keep our regular fans and draw new ones to the track.

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I agree 100%. It is truly a shame to see what many think is the greatest racehorse of all time retire at three when he could do so much to revive our sport. Another year or two of racing would have manny, many more people become fans of "The Beach", and do wonders for horse racing.