Why Muscle Hill Won't Race At 4

Published: September 9, 2009 07:00 am EDT

Trainer Greg Peck answers questions on why World Champion Muscle Hill is retiring at the end of this year, his $6 million value at the end of his freshman campaign, what he doesn't like about the track surface at Mohawk Racetrack and more in a not-to-miss episode of Trot Radio


In advance of Muscle Hill's Canadian debut in this Saturday's eliminations for the $1 million Canadian Trotting Classic at Mohawk, Peck and Trot Radio host Norm Borg also discuss the chances of a time trial and the elusive 1:50 barrier.

Episode 52 - Trainer Greg Peck

Running Time: 12:07

Audio Format: MP3 audio

Host: Norm Borg



I was at the world trotting derby last week and had the privilege of meeting some of the connections with Muscle Hill. Greg's wife Nancy could not have been nicer and patiently listened to me list all the reasons I feel Muscle Hill is the greatest horse ever. With ropes in place to keep the crowds back from the horse (which I completely understand), she asked if I wanted to pat him which I quickly accepted. What other sport do you get that close to the superstar and have the connections treat you like long lost friends. This sport is worth saving!

My friend was at The World Trotting Derby and said it was nothing short of a miracle for what the track crew pulled off. He said it was something you had to see to believe. In his 30 years of watching races, he said he never saw a track in worse condition (described it as 2 feet deep of sloppy mud) transformed into world class surface- in 4 hours. Every single person said they couldn't pull it off and they did. Bravo! I hope Greg Peck's comments about the importance of the track's surface will bring new awareness of the issue and be heard by all racetrack and training track managers.

I wish more trainers would speak out on the importance of and demand a proper track condition. Like he said, its not hard to do so WHY isn't it done! I saw Muscle Hill race and it was amazing. Harness Racing needed a hero and we now have one. Thank you Greg for being a voice for our sport and our rights. If I were management at Mohawk and every track, I'd listen to Greg's comments. Our horses deserve the best possible surface! Go Muscle Hill!

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