NJ Gaming Pushes For Referendum

Published: September 27, 2011 04:03 pm EDT

It was a rare site Monday, September 26 in Trenton, New Jersey when representatives of both the state's casino and horse racing industry were on the same page

for once. Figureheads of each industry addressed a NJ State Senate Committee in regard to the possibility of a referendum on the legalization of sports wagering and ultimate legislation.

Both of the groups are looking to eventually have legalized sports wagering operating in their respective establishments, and they are looking for the legalization of sports wagering in the state to become a November 8 ballot question.

One of the individuals that addressed the committee was Standardbred Breeders & Owners Association of New Jersey President Tom Luchento. The former horseman called for some of the proceeds of the legalization of the expanded gaming to help support purses at state racetracks.

According to a report on pressofatlanticcity.com, the committee's chairman, Jim Whelan, stated that he wants the state legislature to begin to work on passing 'enabling legislation' so it can possibly be passed on November 9 if the outcome of the ballot issue is voted on positively.

If the ballot question does become a reality, and the people of New Jersey vote in favour of it, Senator Ray Lesniak would then have the grounds to officially challenge the federal ban on wagering on sporting events outside of Nevada and three other states.

(With files from pressofatlanticcity.com)