Update On Jimmy Takter

Published: September 22, 2019 12:38 pm EDT

Jimmy Takter had recently let it be known that he would be undergoing a very serious surgery in the coming weeks. The Hall of Fame trainer has now provided an update on the situation, which sounds promising.

Takter told harnessracing.com’s Gordon Waterstone Saturday morning (Sept. 21) that doctors have given him hope he may be able to avoid surgery to remove a tumour on his spinal cord. Takter had been preparing himself for the surgery that would have taken place sometime in the next two weeks.

Instead, doctors have prescribed medication that could keep Takter from entering the operating room.

”They want to try the medicine first,” said Takter. “They told me they want to avoid surgery, especially with the high risk in it. I was scared about that surgery. They think they can medicate it so I started on dexamethasone and I feel a lot better today.”

Takter said last week he wasn’t going to be able to travel to Lexington, Ky. for the upcoming two-week Grand Circuit meet that gets underway on Thursday, September 26, or the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale, but he’s now hopeful he can make the trip to the Bluegrass.

”Hopefully I can continue to feel good and make the trip to Lexington,” said Takter, who will turn 59 on September 29.

Takter said he has been overwhelmed by the support of the racing community.

”I’m very grateful and thankful for all the support and prayers,” he said. “Make sure you tell everybody it means the world to me.”




I could not agree more Ronald. We have been blessed to see the superior training skills of this man for a couple decades and he has passed that knowledge on, but there can only be one the best. Jimmy Takter is that - the best trainer in the history of our sport. He made all stock better but he provided the skills to make great horses superstars and world champions and he made superstars into once in a generation horses. He even made horses with old issues, like Always B Miki, shine through to show their true skills. I do not think any other trainer would have been able to keep Miki racing past 1 or 2 races a year and he did it and kept him the top talent almost the entire time except a couple month stint in the summer, where he announced before racing, he is not 100% and then when he announced hes back close to as perfect for Miki, he was unbeatable again.

In this sport:
There's stars, superstars and then Jimmie Takter.

All the best to you Jimmie. Get better and enjoy your retirement

Jimmy Takter, in my mind, you are the best horse trainer I have had the chance to witness in my 80 yrs of existence. Down deep in my heart, I wish you the very best the fight that you are going through, I also know that "you know", there is no giving up whether it be training a horse or yourself, my prayers are with you. Will be talking to you later.

I sincerely hope that what ever remedial action taken is successful. This man has given so much to the sport and is now enjoying the fruits of his labour. He epitomizes hard work and fair play. Good luck to the entire Takter family.