Final WTC Session Held In New Jersey

Published: August 9, 2011 04:52 pm EDT

Sharing information was on the minds of the delegates at the 22nd World Trotting Conference, whom resolved to exchange investigative intelligence and marketing data as the international conclave came to an end on Tuesday

, August 9.

The 'IRIIS' --- the International Racing Intelligence and Information System --- will be data compilation which will give investigators around the world a tool to research the latest information about illicit substances. The delegates noted that in this age of instantaneous communication and internet resources available to wrongdoers, investigators also need to take advantage of modern investigatory tools.

The system will begin development in the coming year, with the Ontario Racing Commission serving as the initial data repository. It is hoped that IRIIS, and its infrastructure and continuing resource needs, can be in operation not later than the start of the 23rd World Trotting Conference in Paris in 2013.

A marketing database, where those who 'sell' the sport and breed can find samples of the best campaigns, videos and print pieces, will be established by the U.S. Trotting Association in the coming month --- but eventually the effort will rise or fall on the input of the many member countries of the International Trotting Association (ITA), the group which sponsors the World Trotting Conference.

Among other closing-day business items, members of the ITA Constitution Committee recommended, and the full body confirmed, the granting of Life Membership to Dr. Peter Truzla of Austria, who has long been involved with the World Driving Championship as a racing official, and to USTA Public Relations Director John Pawlak, who coordinated the 2011 Conference and Driving Championship, and has been involved in several past Conferences and Championships.

Prior to adjourning, Jacques Chartier and Guillaume Maupas of Cheval Francais presented a film which served as France’s invitation to the 2013 World Trotting Conference and World Driving Championship, both of which will be conducted in and around Paris, and then offered a sip of one of France’s most celebrated products --- champagne.

Fifty-two delegates representing 16 countries and the European Trotting Union attended the 2011 World Trotting Conference; the first such conference was held in the United States, in 1969.