“We’re Not Taking This Lying Down”

Published: July 11, 2012 02:38 pm EDT

The Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce, according to a report, has reiterated its concern in regard to apparent BC Lottery Corporation plan which would see another full-fledged casino come into competition with Fraser Downs.

It was reported late last month that the CDCC had learned that the BCLC had told the Surrey Board of Trade that it had given the green light for a new casino to be erected in South Surrey and that it is up to City Council to give its blessing to the plan.

A piece by the Cloverdale Reporter explains that the CDCC, along with the Cloverdale Business Improvement Association, is challenging the idea of the resort casino, saying that if there is to be any expansion of that sort, it should be occurring at Fraser Downs.

“We’re not taking this lying down,” CDCC Executive Director Bill Reid has been quoted as saying. “We’re going to win this one. We need to win it, to be honest with you.”

(With files from the Cloverdale Reporter)