Is Big McDeal The Real McDeal?

Published: June 9, 2012 01:22 pm EDT

"There's no doubt we drew the tougher division - which seems to be my luck - but you've gotta beat 'em to get there."

On today's episode of Trot Radio Norm Borg speaks to owner Brad Grant, who recently purchased world champion pacing filly Big McDeal. Now in the barn of Ben Wallace, Big McDeal was extremely impressive at Harrah's Philadelphia winning in 1:50.4. Now the sophomore filly faces her toughest test to date, in Saturday's Fan Hanover elimination up against Economy Terror and American Jewel.

"I think she's as good as them. We watched Economy Terror, I went down to the Sire Stake and she was very impressive - I mean she went in 1:50.2. But our filly went a hell of a mile, [1]:50.4, three wide off the top turn. Jody said she was full of herself coming through the lane," said Grant. "She's one of five or six top and probably on any given night, one's going to beat the others. I just hope we can beat them on our home turf."

When asked if Grant was planning on breeding Big McDeal when she had completed her harness racing career, he couldn't say for sure. The uncertainty of Ontario's horse racing industry could change those plans.

"A lot of it is going to depend on what's going on with our industry, but when I said to somebody 'well, she'll make a great broodmare', the comment back was 'do you think you'll be in the broodmare business?'," stated Grant. "We're looking for her to be a race mare at four, unless someone changes our minds."

Grant also noted that he would consider shifting his operation and investments stateside if the state of racing in Ontario maintained its negative forecast.

"I'm trying to remain positive that things are going to change and our government's going to come their senses," said Grant with an air of rarely-seen optimism as of late. "I'm prepared to stay in the business and if that means at some point I have to move [my focus] south of the border, then I will. But my roots are here, I believe in our industry and if some of use are going to survive it's going to be at the top end. I'll stay here and be here as long as I possibly can."

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Episode 265 – Standardbred Owner Brad Grant

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Tim Hudak is quoted In the Peterborough Examiner Saturday June 9th, as saying Friday June 8th; he supports the current arrangement that shares slot-machine gambling revenue with the horseracing industry. If the horse racing industry can get him to say he will reinstate such when he gets in power that will be a very strong and supportive position. What company is going to invest millions of dollars in a Casino, under this threat? Hudak forming the next government is a very real prospect. These investor realize it could even happen sooner with the current government needing support to stay in power. The Liberal plan would then be at a standstill.

It is obvious that you need to get yourselves organized. The various groups need to pull together as one. There are a great many of good ideas coming from the horsepersons with no apparent leader of all groups in place. A divided group is easier to defeat than a cohesive well organized group.

Graham McMillen
Retired Horseman