NJRC Tests Pena Stable

Published: June 3, 2010 10:47 am EDT

Trot Insider has learned that New Jersey Racing Commission investigators pulled out of competition blood samples on every horse in the care of New Jersey-based trainer Lou Pena on Wednesday


"Our regulations allow for out-of-competition testing and the Commission felt that now was the time," stated NJRC Executive Director Frank Zanzuccki. While he could not give exact numbers on how many horses were tested, Zanzuccki placed the total at around 60.

Zanzuccki stated that the blood samples were sent to the state police equine lab for testing.

Lou Pena is the leading trainer at the Meadowlands with 77 wins and horses earning over $1.4 million. Among North American trainers, Pena sits second behind the Ron Burke Stable. Among Pena's stable standouts include Real Joke, the fastest horse in North America this year by virtue of his 1:47.3 win on May 22 at the Meadowlands.



Out of competition testing is fine, test him and get it over with. I'm sure he is not the first to be tested or the last. Clear the air and move on.

Pena won 5 races at the Meadowlands on Saturday. It will be interesting to see those test results.

In reply to by mywifeisnotstable

Jealousy in this business has always been and will always be a part of our industrys down fall. In the last twenty years there have been a few high profile trainers that just have been able to get the right owners, horses, staff, drivers and mostly good luck. The people that pay the price for all the rumors and humilliation are the owners, horses, staff, drivers and the trainer and his family.

Why do we need to go extremes to put a black eye on an already fragile industry. if you cannot find anything in the test barns or from the test results there after then let it be.

I have walked in Penas shoes and the results were as follows, loss of 15 horses ,36 owners ,2 assistant trainers, 12 grooms, 1 marriage, and not one positive test. Good luck to anyone that has any success in this business hopefully you can enjoy the thrill and the reward of winning just one more time.

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