MacMillan Accuses Melnyk Of Bullying

Published: June 24, 2013 03:14 pm EDT

Ottawa-area horseman John MacMillan has issued comments in regard to Eugene Melnyk's push to have casino expansion lured away from the Rideau Carleton Raceway.

It was reported earlier this month that Melnyk, one of Canada's highest-profile thoroughbred owners, is against Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson's motion to deem the raceway the only Ottawa-area location acceptable for casino expansion.

Melnyk, who is also the owner of the NHL's Ottawa Senators, had been eagerly awaiting the ability to come forth with a proposal to bring casino expansion to the area adjacent to Scotiabank Place, where the 'Sens' play their home games. Mayor Watson's new stance on the casino expansion issue has dealt a severe blow to any chance of a non-raceway casino in the Ottawa area.

In light of the situation, Melnyk has stated that he is going to have to reconsider his investment in the Greater Ottawa Area going forward.

MacMillan, who is the executive director of the National Capital Region Harness Horse Association, has been bothered by Melnyk's comments on the issue.

“One man, who doesn’t even live in the city, shouldn’t be using a bully pulpit to control council,” MacMillan has reportedly said via statement. “It should be up to all Ottawa residents to decide what’s best for the city.”

In addition to owning racing horses and his role with the NCRHHA, MacMillan is also part of Casino Choice Ottawa.

(With files from the Ottawa Business Journal)

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MacMillan Calls For Choice



Don't ya just love it when big business owners throw their money and threats around to get their own way no matter who gets hurt in the process? Grrrrrr.

Keep standing up folks; tell the Media what we are suffering through each and every day. We the people have the POWER. Use it.

David vs Goliath :(

It is extremely discouraging to have Mr Melnyk putting so much public pressure on Mr. Watson's direction. Had the City thought this through back in October and stood up to OLG, perhaps Mr. Melnyk wouldn't have invested time and money chasing the almighty Casino $$$.

Too bad he doesn't realize (or should I say care) that our very existence is at stake in Ottawa should RCR lose slots.

Anyone who hasn't done so, please contact your Councillor. I did, and was encouraged by him to pass the email along to all of the Councillors. I received some favourable responses, so keep it up.

In light of the situation that we have been facing for over a year we should all be very aware of what John brings to light.
Mr Melnyk has ties to thoroughbred racing certainly not any racing or stabling in ottawa.
The fact that he is just another businessman trying to cripple this industry should be the story.
Greed has led our government to roll over all of us and low life's with deep pockets to drive a bus they had no business being on.
Mr Melnyk should join Mcguinty and Duncan and move along.
Employment and people's lives and families far out way the benefits of putting a casino where you would like it sir.
Maybe you could call the liberals and see if they could hook you up with a bingo parlor?
I hope Ottawa city council does not bow to ones mans greedy ambition.
Save Rideau Charleton raceway and the thousands of people's job that rely on it.
John MacMillan and the horse people of Ottawa should be commended for their tenacity.

Anthony MacDonald

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