HIP Program Extended; Consultations To Begin

Published: June 14, 2013 10:38 am EDT

On Friday, June 14, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food announced that the Ontario Government is extending its support of the Horse Improvement Program into 2015 to encourage the breeding of quality Ontario racehorses.

A release by the Ministry states that up to $30 million will be made available through the HIP program in each of the next two years to support the racehorse breeding sector and invest in equine research.

The releases states that the move is in keeping with the recommendations made by the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel after hundreds of hours of consultation with stakeholders. The release also states that the move will 'boost support for Ontario-bred horses and enable breeders to continue to invest in the horse-racing industry.'

"This is great news for Ontario-bred weanlings and yearlings and a strong encouragement for breeders in rural Ontario who are building on a legacy of great racehorses," Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel member John Snobelen was quoted as saying in the release.

The Ministry has stated that the move is part of the Ontario Liberal Government's commitment to a sustainable future for the provincial horse-racing industry and the integration of horse racing into the province's broader gaming strategy.

"Continuing to invest in this forward-looking program gives the horse racing and breeding industry confidence there will be a future here for Ontario-bred racehorses," said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is also the Minister of Agriculture and Food.

The release also states that starting on June 21, the transition panel will begin consultations with stakeholders on creating a more sustainable horse-racing industry in Ontario, including integrating horse racing into the province’s gaming strategy. The final plan is due in October 2013.

(With files from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food)



This is good news. BUT. If the everyday purses for the tracks ,other then Weg's , don't improve there will be no one left to keep the industry going and in the very near future not enough quality horses to keep even Weg going. The way it is now is not going to keep people in the industry. Horses do need a place to race after they are 3 years old and with these purses it will not be worth their while. Most people will head south or be on the unemployment lines or worst yet bankrupt and homeless.

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This government still does not understand the industry. Horses bred this year will hit the track in 2016 for which there is no commitment for HIP. How can you make decisions to breed in Ontario on a 3 year plan when the HIP is only for 2 years ?
Their lack of understanding alone does not encourage investors in Ontario.

Are we putting the horse before the cart with these statements.
No coincedence the release is made before one of the biggest races on the racing calender. We keep getting the same rhetoric sustainable racing and gaming stratergy. Can anyone explain what these are ........ its the end of this years breeding season so we are talking one year relief as we will be in the same situation in a year do we breed as the plan runs out next year whatever that plan may be.

This is great news. Its just too bad that the DREAM TEAM of Duncan,McGuinty and Godfrey brought the industry DOWN TO THE STATE IT IS IN.

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