No US Stint For Auckland Reactor?

Published: May 28, 2009 09:20 am EDT

Don't expect to see southern hemisphere pacing sensation make the trip to North America after

this Saturday's Harness Jewels Emerald Final at Ashburton Raceway in New Zealand.

Trainer and co-owner Mark Purdon also stated that his star pupil will not be aiming for the mile record as the son of Mach Three is starting to show signs of a long season of tough races.

"I'm pleased the end of the season is getting close because you can tell he's getting tired," Purdon told Harnesslink. "He doesn't seem as happy as he was. You can see it in his nature and the way he gets around the stable. He's been a bit grumpy and has his ears have been back a bit.

"In saying that I don't think there's too much wrong with him. He's just got to the stage where he needs a rest."

Purdon also admitted that Auckland Reactor is not at 100 per cent physically, given that the horse curbed a hock days before his last major test - the New Zealand Messenger Championship earlier this month.

"If I was really happy with him I'd give [the record] a nudge, but if I do that now I could set myself up to be beaten. Winning the race is paramount for the owners."

Owned predominantly by a group of Canadians including Peter Heffering, Tom Kyron, Bill Loyens, Doug Millard, Irv Storfer, Fred Brayford and Dr. Michael Wilson, Auckland Reactor has recorded 23 victories in 26 lifetime starts. After Saturday's race, 'The Reactor' will get reportedly get some time off and come back for his five-year-old campaign in November.

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Too Bad -- was looking forward to seeing Auckland Reactor race. it would have been nice to see another Mach Three son racing in North America. Glad to see they're taking care of him. Marie Stoyles-Moura