Can't Get Enough Of Einstein

Published: May 12, 2010 01:11 pm EDT

The horse world can't seem to get enough of Einstein, the pinto stallion foal which is unofficially the smallest horse to ever hit the ground. In a new four-minute video, Einstein's owners, along with their little one, discuss how the foal has been doing since he arrived April 23

in New Hampshire.

"He's one hundred per cent horse, and he knows it, too," said Charlie Cantrell, who co-owns Einstein along with his wife, Rachel Wagner, said during a CBS News interview. "He may be small, but he has the mind and the personality of a large horse."

In the video, Wagner and Cantrell explain how Einstein has battled a sickness since he arrived, but that he seems to have gotten over it in fine form.

CBS News Interview

In terms of officially being crowned as the smallest horse in history, Wagner explained that the process seems to take some time.

"I think it takes them (Guinness World Records) a good while to get back to you, because they get something like 50,000 applications per month, or something like that, so I'm not expecting to hear from them very soon, but I'm just really excited," Wagner said.

"He's still definitely smaller than Thumbelina, who is the current World Record holder. The difference is that Thumbelina is what we calla dwarf, so her little legs are a little on the small side and not correctly formed. Most horses are like him (Einstein): they're all long-legged. That is what is so remarkable about him, he's just a little, beautiful tiny horse."

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