Healthy, Six-Pound Foal Delivered

Published: April 26, 2010 10:46 am EDT

Small foals aren't anything overly abnormal in the horse breeding business, but a foal by the name of Einstein may be taking some small, yet big, steps toward

the record books.

According to a report by Sky News, Einstein, a pinto stallion, was born Friday, April 23 in the United States and hit the ground at an astonishing six pounds.

"At first he didn't move very much," breeder Judy Smith, of New Hampshire's Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm was quoted as saying. She also indicated that she initially thought Einstein was dead. "We started rubbing him with a towel and he started to move around. He was so small!"

Smith said that Einstein does not show any signs of dwarfism, unlike Tumbelina, the current record holder as the world's smallest horse. Sky News explains that to this point Thumbelina was the world's smallest foal, as she weighed in at nine pounds when she hit the ground in May of 2001.

Smith explained that she has been breeding horses for 20 years and that she hasn't ever seen any thing like Einstein. One of Einstein's co-owners, Dr. Rachel Wagner, was quoted as saying that beside the small size of the foal it has the features of a normal horse. "He's almost all leg," she said.

(With files from Sky News)

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