Meadowlands Racetrack Employees To Receive Notices Regarding Possible Layoffs

Published: March 8, 2011 12:35 pm EST

The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority told Meadowlands Racetrack workers on Monday, March 7 that they are going to be sent a formal notice this week stating that layoffs could be coming in

60 days' time.

A report on explains that the notice is a formality given the fact that the status of the track is not on solid ground heading into the next handful of months.

The article cites Local 137 Business Manager Bob Liguori as saying that the idea to give the track's tellers, admissions workers and the window washers -- in which Local 137 represents -- a heads up was a good idea.

Addressing the fact that racetrack owner Jeff Gural is trying to attract financing to take over the Meadowlands Racetrack, Liguori said, "[Gural is] trying to take over an operation that's losing $12 million or so a year, so savings have to come from different places, and the biggest cost is probably payroll — whether management or union. That reality is setting in."

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