Here Come The Judges

Published: March 26, 2010 08:48 am EDT

"With all sports, some folks will always dispute the call of the official but if you can get the information out there and have an explanation then at least it's a starting point."

Those words come from Brent Stone, Manager of Racing for the Ontario Racing Commission, on the two new pilot projects announced on Thursday by the ORC.

The two initiatives, designed to communicate in a clear, concise and accessible way, include the ORC and Standardbred Canada in an online collaboration featuring regular contributions from ORC Judges in an exclusive website feature. The second involves Woodbine Entertainment and the ORC collaborating to feature Judges & Stewards Announcements.

"We hope that in an effort to get our facts out there, people have a better understanding of what decision was made and how the decision was made," said Stone.

To listen to the full discussion of the pilot projects, click on the play button below.

Episode 105 - ORC's Brent Stone

Running Time: 6:46

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Host: Norm Borg



There have been far too many decisions that have gone beyond the pale in most peoples observation. Any public exposure can only help assuage peoples suspicions!!

How are they going to give a clear concise explanation when all "b" tracks lack a head on camera in the stretch???

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