Gazette On Montreal Proceedings

Published: February 3, 2009 11:31 am EST

The Montreal Gazette ran two stories today (Tuesday, February 3) regarding the recent developments in the Quebec horse racing industry. One story is an extensive report by Paul Delean, a regular Trot Insider contributor, while the other is a column which puts Attraction Hippiques and Paul Massicotte right in the crosshairs


To read Delean's article in The Gazette, click here.

The other piece, an opinion column, paints a very negative picture of Attractions Hippiques' reign as operator of Quebec's horse racing venues. An excerpt of the column appears below in italics.

"There is no new track, and so far he has paid only $12 million a year in prize money. Further, he has cut back on the number of races, and has stopped paying rent on the former Blue Bonnets site. Horse-owners and breeders have charged Attractions Hippiques with breach of contract, but even without Attractions Hippiques in creditor protection, their chances of success (seem) slim.

"This is behaviour that normally might (lead) to the arrival of the bailiffs. And yet the Quebec government continues to treat Massicotte with kid gloves."

Click here to read the column in its entirety.

(With files from The Montreal Gazette)



Thank you Paul, for keeping your interest and columm open for the horsemen in quebec,as far as I know, your paper is the only one commenting on the racing industry, and it is greatly appreciated. I can remember when Jacques Beauchamp, Guy Emond, Robert Arel and yourself, who worked for newspapers and where present at the at the race track, the next day comments on racing where very interesting and I would buy all the newspapers that had a columm on the previous day's action.Who say's this is a free country???, all the people I know who have contradicted the Gouv, have lost their jobs, Gilles Prouxl, Max Bradette, the mayor of Huntington,etc, where did that Document ( The right to freedom of speech go)??? and what gouv.threats were made to the employers of these people so that they would cut their jobs??? Keep up the GOOD JOB and you still have one faithful reader. Ron