Gaming Report Deadline Pushed Back

Published: February 24, 2014 01:59 pm EST

The deadline for a commission task force in Delaware to submit a report in regard to casino gaming and the horse racing industry has been pushed back.

According to an article by, the nine-member task force was assembled last summer and was asked to study the impact of out-of-state competition and taxes on the casino industry as a whole, which, as the article explains, includes evaluation vendor fees and horse racing.

The article states that the deadline for the report has been pushed back until March. Legislators hope that the report will be ready by the time they return to session, which is scheduled to get underway on March 18.

The article has quoted commission member Alan Levin, who is also the secretary of the Delaware Economic Development Office, as saying, “My objective is to come to a decision at least from my perspective that will resolve the issue long-term, give the facilities the incentive to promote more to do what they have to do. Just surviving isn’t going to do it — they have to be able to build their business. At the same time I look at it from the state perspective and the taxpayers as well. It really becomes a balancing act.”

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