More On Belleville Situation

Published: February 19, 2009 12:01 am EST

With financing issues disrupting the progress of the new Quinte Exhibition and Raceway in Belleville, Ont., the municipal government has hinted they could step in and take over the project

should the current developer fail to proceed with a proposed slots parlour and racetrack development.

An article in The Intelligencer suggested that a municipally owned and operated facility may be a possibility even though no official discussion on the subject has taken place.

"The bottom line is it was approved for Belleville. It's coming to Belleville whether Baymount does it or not," Mayor Neil Ellis told The Intelligencer. "Whether the municipality wants to get involved to be that next player, that's something that would have to come before council."

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

(With files from The Intelligencer)

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The suggestion that the city of Belleville becoming involved in the development of the racetrack , slot parlour , faircomplex is long overdue.The entire project could be self supporting and actually generate income for the city of Belleville.As well there would many other economic benefits for our local economy.
I am an active horse owner that stable and race horses in other cities , Ottawa , Toronto , Barrie.I Employ and support people in those cities as well travel to these locations,

Thumbs up to Bellevile city council to get things moving asap.