'Standing Committee' Meetings Conclude

Published: February 10, 2009 12:26 pm EST

The ORC was questioned and critiqued today at the Ontario legislature by the Standing Committee on Government agencies in a review of their

mandate and processes.

The topics of attack were diverse, but there was a primary focus on both the inherent conflict in the ORC s dual mandate, and the lack of advocacy and outgoing consultation on issues like the potential closure of Fort Erie or the rebuilding of Belleville.

Rod Seiling, chair, John Blakney, executive director, and Steve Lehman, chief administrative officer, were in the hot seat for just shy of three hours and were grilled on everything from allocation of race dates to slot funding and everything in between.

The standing committee will return this afternoon with Ontario Harness Horse Association (OHHA), Hiawatha Horse Park and Entertainment Centre, Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA) and Standardbred Horse Owners Panel (SHOP) making presentations.

Trot Insider is in the midst of writing up full reports on the proceedings. They will be uploaded to the website as soon as possible.



In response to Mr. Adler's comments concerning today's hearing. You sir are 100% correct in your comments and I thank you for your courage in expressing them. Today our industry was again embarrassed by our supposed learned leaders. I think in the venacular of the industry, we sent a bunch of " cheap claimers " to an " Invitational ".

From a beloved fan, of a once great sport!

Racing execs just don't get it!

Watching the afternoon sessions, and the drivel provided by the representatives of the splinter groups in the industry. OHHA, Grand River, Hiawatha, OHRIA, etc. so far, have notes that leave a lot to be desired. They are all saying the same thing...then contradicting each other, and ultimately, nothing. (i.e McArthur wants ORC to mind its own business on property rights, Hiawatha wants more ORC control.)

Where are our leaders?

The concern? My Take! You finally have the ear of the bureaucrats. Tell it like it is!
Stop the patronizing of our politicians. Name names, and places and events. The bureaucrats don't know squat about us, so FILL THEM IN! You have blown an opportunity!

McArthur looked great - was too technical and polite, and made me dizzy as he sat swivelling in his chair!
Billy O was playing with his fingers, looking very disinterested
Hector C. was too cute.
Ted Clake fumbled all over the place

Would you like more? I have lots!
Hope you are getting the idea.
This sport is represented by stall muckers.

How frustrating!

Marty Adler

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This is certainly a first...an OHHA representative accused of being "Too polite"!

There was a lot to take in today and I am sure it was just an oversight, for the record I was the one suggesting the ORC have more control and Robert Locke(Hiawatha) was suggesting the ORC "mind its own business on property rights". Rest assured I will work on my chair etiquette and as for "looking great"...you always were a charmer!

Darryl MacArthur

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Just what the industry needs.....more pot shots. Shouldn't we get back to representing the people that put on the show??

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