OLG Launches Horse-Themed Game

Published: December 2, 2015 11:37 pm EST

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced on Wednesday, Dec. 2 that it is launching a new horse-themed product called Fire Horse on PlayOLG.ca.

The online slots game is the first of its kind on a new section of the website that is dedicated to horse racing. It includes information about the industry as well as a link to bet on horse racing online.

“Launching Fire Horse is the latest step OLG is taking in partnership with the horse racing industry and Ontario government to integrate horse racing into the provincial gaming strategy,” said Cal Bricker, OLG’s Senior Vice President of Horse Racing. “It represents progress on integration by using a new gaming platform to increase awareness of the industry while further demonstrating OLG’s support for horse racing in Ontario.”

Fire Horse is available to people who have registered with OLG’s online gaming website, PlayOLG.ca.

A news release from the OLG states that its first horse-themed product was developed in consultation with the horse racing industry and additional horse-themed products are expected to be released in the future.

The release states that, "Horse racing is vital to rural communities. The industry provides jobs for thousands of people across the province and is an important part of Ontario’s rich heritage. By integrating horse racing into gaming, OLG is helping to create a sustainable industry in the province for generations to come."

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Guess that's what hitching your wagon to the Liberal government looking to them for real answers or a meaningful plan forward. All you receive is tens of thousands of dollars spent on consultants, meetings, and expense accounts.

The important part everyone is missing is "a link to betting online"...if it's used that is likely the way the industry benefits.

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The O L G has had their online casino up and running for some time and I don't believe horse racing gets any revenue from it. This is just another slot game to make the government money. I've said it for 3 years now that some racetrack owners and the government only want to operate casinos and are absolutely not interested in horse racing. There will be no integration with the O L G. The racing business better soon figure out how to be self sustaining or its curtains for the industry.

YEP Slots are a gift bet at 1-9, while the long term health of harness racing is a underlay at 99-1.

If I didn't know better I would of thought this was an Aprils fools joke. Whoever came up with this and labelled it part of the integrating of OLG and horse racing is an idiot. I don't see how this will bring any attention to the racetracks. It is only beneficial to the OLG and making profit for them once again.. If you had brains in your head you would realize you need to promote the tracks and what they offer. Grand River is on of the best tracks I feel that have events going on all the time. Take a page from them and begin to build from there. The way I see it you need to attract the younger people as well as the middle age group.
Personally I think you should hand it over to Anthony Macdonald.. I have never met him personally but what I have seen him do over the last while is great for the sport. He is bringing in new people to the dying sport. He isn't one who is sitting around waiting for someone else to fix the problem our government created. He has great ideas and I think he would be a great asset to the sport. God knows he wouldn't do any worse than those idiots they have running the show now. I hope they soon get it together, as a fan of this sport I will hate to see it end

What a riot. Is this called integrating horse racing with olg? Shame on everybody in the industry who worried only about their little piece of the pie and were naive enough to believe everything they were told.

More face-saving lip service. What do we really expect from OLG ? What would it take for us to say, "they really are trying to help." Right now integration means OLG is in charge and whatever they say goes, end of story. The liberals will be long gone after the next election and will wash their hands of this fiasco!! By then they will have cost the industry and Ontario billions of $ and thousands and thousands of jobs. Don't forget Paul Godfrey's mandate was to bury the racing industry!!!

Shame on everyone involved in this story. The person who wrote it, the person who thought it was newsworthy and even me for wasting my time commenting on it.

I sure hope Brian Sears doesn't get to drive the Fire Horse. That could be bad for business.

Lmao. This could be the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. Lol. What a farce this is.

This game "Fire Horse" has been around all of the casinos for years now. It was one of my favorites. Does the OLG really think that we are to be duped this easily. I played it because I loved horses and it is a very pretty game, but it is just a slot. It has nothing to do with racing or Rural Ontario. Integration!!! OH MY.

You have got to be kidding........This is integration ???? Who in the horse racing industry consulted on this ??? What a joke!!

The release doesn't state if any of the proceeds from the slot game will go toward the purse pool for horse racing

They're integrating? Right! Google firehorse see if you find anything on the web about this lottery. Then goggle cashforlife or any of their other ones, you find lots and I mean lots of links. I don't see any resemblance to horse racing at all, runners or trotters.

That's real integration. Just another slot game and none of the money goes to horse racing. Just shows how serious the government is about horse racing.

"Horse racing is vital to rural communities. The industry provides jobs for thousands of people across the province and is an important part of Ontario’s rich heritage..." Are they finally starting to realize this or are they just trying to put a band-aid over the wound that they caused?

Nice to see OLG is attempting to help the horse racing industry. Not sure about the monetary details of this but it would be nice to see a portion of OLG's profit off of this game go directly back to the racetracks.

What's in a name?
Don't yet know the details on how to play, but without any connecting play into a simulated race or racing or race horses, looks just like any other slots game.

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