Update: Three-Horse Spill At Woodbine

Published: November 10, 2011 11:16 pm EST

A nasty-looking accident occurred in Race 11 at Woodbine Racetrack on Thursday evening, and as a result driver Pat Hudon will spend some time on the sidelines


Feels Good (Joe Hudon), who was first-over, veered in and struck the wheel of Lucky Taryn (Anthony MacDonald) in deep stretch. As a result, Feels Good fell to the track and caused a chain reaction of interference to trailing horses.

Mater Deo (Phil Hudon) got her racebike clipped by the fallen horse’s sulky, and as a result her pilot was ejected from the bike. Celebrity Dollfin (Pat Hudon) couldn’t avoid the fallen horse, and as a result she tripped and fell while sending her driver out of the racebike, as well.

Joe and Phil Hudon came out of the accident with no major injuries, however, Pat Hudon is expected to miss some time.

WEG's Chris Hickey reported during Friday evening's broadcast that Pat did go to local hospital on Thursday evening following the accident. He indicated Pat pulled a muscle in his calf and suffered a separated shoulder.

Please join Standardbred Canada in wishing Pat Hudon a speedy recovery.

To view results for Thursday's card of harness racing, click the following link: Thursday Results – Woodbine Racetrack.



Mr. McCormick. First I have owned trained and driven Harness horses, so I am quite familiar with and have expewrienced the dangers. Second I did not have a "bet" on that race. Third my statement was in the form of irony. Racing Officials and Track Management's concern is the maximization of the handle, as in the least possible number of refunds. If you know the History of Harness Racing you would be aware that at one time there was a refund if a horse was not within 2 lengths of the starting line as opposed to the sad and sickening "fair start pole" of today, which is one of the key reasons Betters/Customers have taken their wagering dollars elsewhere!

The main thing is they did not have to call the race "no contest' and refund the "customers"!

In reply to by Dr Wayne Robinski

Mr Robinski

I believe that this is one of the most asinine comments I have ever read on this sight. It is comments like this that cause the horsemen to ignore the betting public when it comes to input into the racing game. To state that it is more importatnt to make the results official than it is to worry about the health and welfare of the drivers and the horses they were driving is ridiculous.

If you want to criticize about a bad drive or a horse that does not perform up to standards, that is one thing, however to put your betting interest in front of the safety of those involved in the accident is in poor taste. I know that as bettors we always say without us the race game will dry up. It is a two way street as with no horseman or horses there is also no game. Glad to hear everyone came out OK, including you Mr Robinski, sounds like you cashed your bet.