Honouring Admirals Express

Published: October 19, 2011 11:20 am EDT

One year since the passing of one of harness racing's most beloved competitors, the former groom of Admirals Express has created a special tribute to the 'Grey Gladiator'

that will help retired standardbred racehorses.

Wellington Charles told Trot Insider that after one of the toughest years he has had to face, he will honour the memory of Admirals Express with the Admirals Express Life After Racing Stable.

"A year has gone past since the loss of 'my son' Admirals Express," said Charles. "This horse meant so much not only to me but to the whole racing world. I'm presently starting my own stable on the island I live, taking in retired horses, breaking them for riding and giving them a second chance. I owe this not only to my son but every other standardbred who has put a harness on."

Charles is looking forward to training riders and standardbreds, demonstrating the versatility of the breed.

"This will take a while to get going and there are other organizations such as OSAS that do this. I will look forward to working with them and training some riders to come to all the shows to support as much as we can. I want to make as many people possible aware of how standardbreds make the perfect pet to ride and to show."



It is so sad of the unfortunate passing of the Admiral a year ago. It doesn't seem that long and I am sure he will be remembered forever.

What a great idea. Retired standardbreds deserve a nice home at the end of their careers. They put their whole lives into racing and hopefully they will find a home under this new venture you have decided to name in Admiral Express' honor.

Good luck Mr Charles and wishing you much success.

Admiral's Express will be watching and his spirit is always around.

Janelle Scherbik

Excellent idea and the memory of a Great horse will live on forever.

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to one of our legends! I still tear up whenever I see any mention of Admirals Express. Loved that horse and all he stood for. Best of luck in your newest endeavor. May his memory live forever!

Admirals Express Life After Racing is a great way for the harness racing community to honour one of the greats! All the luck in the world, Welly!

It's wonderful what you are doing for these horses. They have worked hard and deserve a well earned retirement....giving them a second chance is so rewarding!!

I think it's a great thing and more people should do same. We need more people that care enough about the breed to contribute somehow to the retirement of these wonderful animals. Either by doing what this gentleman is doing or for those who don't have the resorces to create a retirement center, make a donation to one.

Remember, We all enjoy watching them pour their heart out each and every week like the Admiral did and we need to care for them after......

A loving tribute to a great horse .One of my disappointments in life was never having the privilege to see Admiral's Express in real life ....living in Alberta made it too great a challenge .I thought maybe someday if I was in Ontario that would be something I would make a special effort to do but the opportunity passed me by .
I'm guessing if there was a calender produced in his honor as a fundraiser for the stable you would do alright with it ....he has a huge fan base

Way to go Wellington!!

Wishing you a great success -- Excellent way to remember the Admiral.

can't believe it's been a year already

Marie Stoyles-Moura

He attracted more loyal fans for woodbine entertainment then Somebeachsomewhere did. Should be honoured with a racing series in his name.

Kudos to you. Admirals Express was one of my favourite horses. He worked too hard but was a wonderful horse. Not many white standardbreds around, think that was part of the charm. Wish much success in your plans.

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