Another Municipality Saying 'No' To OLG

Published: January 29, 2013 04:41 pm EST

On Monday, January 29, another Ontario municipality opted to not make itself a willing host municipality for expanded gaming under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.'s controversial gaming modernization plan.

According to a report by The Meaford Independent, Meaford Town Council voted unanimously against looking into making itself available to the OLG for expansion.

Meaford does not currently find itself located within any of the modernization plan's listed 'gaming zones,' although the OLG has made it clear that the parameters of the zones are not set in stone as of yet.

Councillor Barb Clumpus took the opportunity to comment on the modernization plan, stating in part that, "…it's categorically stated on their (the OLG) website that the main purpose for casinos or slot machines is to raise money for the province, they're not interested in making money for the individual municipalities."

(With files from The Meaford Independent)



Exactly the Municipalities bare the burdens (financing, policing, crime. social services)etc. In other words in real costs each Municipality will lose money!!

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