2024 Two-Year-Olds in Training - Ontario - M - Z

Anthony Macdonald (The Stable) Guelph - Ontario
NameI Dont Play Nice, G, Long Tom - Muscle Chrome
Dancin By Myself, C, Uncle Peter - Stolen Dance
Gorgeous Package,F, Lather Up - Special Package
Blue Ventura, G, Heston Blue Chip - Odds On Aventura
Im Ready Too, G, Marseille - Im So Ready
Oh Hill No, F, What The Hill - Georgie Hall
Chicago Hall, G, Muscle Mass - Caterina Hall
Bluebirdtuxedohill, G, What The Hill - Nightsthatneverend
Heza Grape Guy, G, What The Hill - Fruition
Im A Trucker, G, Rompaway Wally - Road Trip Girl
Cadeau, G,  Marseille - Mamas Gift
Grand Slam Deo, F, Propulsion - Grand Stand
Rose Run Ajay, C, Dancin Yankee - Wall Of Art
LT Troubadour, C, Long Tom - Absinthe Hall
Leggy, F, What The Hill - Pacific Legacy
Southwind Idexx, G, Muscle Hill - Itsdiffrntforgirls
Wander Hill, C, What The Hill - Bluebird Swandrful
Mountaineer Prince, C, Muscles Princetonian - Mountaineer Lady
Foxy Seaside, F, Downbytheseaside -  Foxy Rigger
Weslynn Warrior, G, Father Patrick - Weslynn Legacy
Speed Of Sound, F, Tactical Landing - Romana S
Pelican Al, G, Downbytheseaside - Stipple Hanover
High High Hopes, F, Uncle Peter - High Society
Whataladywhatanite, F, Lous Legacy - Jazzie Mermaid
Rose Run Alexandra, F,  Dancin Yankee - Mrs American Pie
Woodmere Betcha, F, Bet The Moon - Very Ideal Hanover
Captain Incredible, C, Captaintreacherous - Mattie Terror Girl
Allys Got Grit, G, Lindys Tru Grit - Ally Hall
Dancninmysocks, C, Dancin Yankee - Velocity Abby
Aunt Lilly, F, Unlce Peter - Chuckys Luckycharm
Freedom Hill, F, What The Hill - Feelsofree
Rosetta, F, Walner - Kristine Anne
Melisandre, F, Gimpanzee - Foxy Fantasy
Yves Saint Kemp, C, Walner - Side Sway
Gymboree, F, Gimpanzee - Devanly
Green Glitter, F, Greenshoe - Allerage Star
Memento Mori, G, Chapter Seven - Gone Baby Gone S
Manhattan Moni, G, International Moni - Manhattan AS
Fireandshine, F, Catch The Fire - Prymetyme Shine
Neverlose Felix, C, International Moni - Nanticoke Hanover
Baby Zette, F, Cantab Hall - Heavenly Zette
Century Legion, C, Trixton - Lady Pixie
Trevino On Green, C, Green Manalishi S - Lei Trevino
Country Dancing, F,  Papi Rob Hanover - Dancin Lucille
Gaslight Hall, G, Muscle Mass - Garbo Hall
Cleveland Masha, F, Shadow Play - Matilda
My Wicked Heart, F, McWicked - Hearts N Flowers
Grand Ole Chap, G, Chapter Seven - Sweet Shirley Mae
Arrowhead Hanover, G, International Moni - Aarena Hanover
Officersoldierboy, C,  McWicked - Shadowofhersmile
She Sits Atthe Bar, F, Bar Hopping - Lass A Rope
Resolve Indeed, F,  Resolve - Lexi Marie
The Priest, C, Pastor Stephen - Brooke Blue Chip
Attraente, F, Gimpanzee - Bellamente
Princess Dream, F, Muscle Mass -Sound Check

Gary Mahon, Owen Sound, Ontario
Blackmagiccheddar, G, BetterthanCheddar - Regal Magic

Ted McDonald, Ottawa - Ontario
Allison Bay, F, All Bets Off - Addison Bay

Scott McEneny, Puslinch - Ontario (Deleon Springs - Florida)
A Fine Bordeaux, G, Green Manalishi - Sweet Mademoiselle
Bank on Lucas, G, The Bank - Lucerne De Vie
Bet Out, G, Bettors Delight - Jeremes Sweetheart
Boxer Seelster, G, Bettors Delight - Big Thong
Cheeky Lass, F, Muscle Mass - Palm Beach Chic
Green Glider, F, Green Manalishi - Magical Glider
High Dose, C,  Muscle Hill - Marion Missamerica
Matty The Horse, G, Mcwicked - Mattys Big Day
Miss My Kiss, F, Archangel - Missy Lane
Miss Van Gogh, F, Bettors Delight - Apothic
Pierre In Paris, G,  Archangel - French Doll
Shes My Boss, F, Stay Hungry - Venus Delight
Stay Focused, C, Stay Hungry - Yoselin Seelster
Swift Player, C, Shadow Play - Allamerican Swift
Wicked But Sweet, G, Mcwicked - Twin B Sweetheart
Wicked Joules, G, Mcwicked - Village Joules
Wicked Storm, G, Mcwicked - Breezy

Rick McNeil, St. George - Ontario
Madewrite, C,  Sportswriter - Allamerican Summer

Scott McNiven, Dorchester - Ontario
Baby Belle, F, Betterthancheddar - Alphabet Queen
Grannys Shadow, F, Shadow Play - Granny Pants
Scratchin An Itch, C, Sunfire Blue Chip - Straightoutabuxton

Garry Merner Jr, Guelph - Ontario
Aye Aye Captain Deo, C, Captaintreacherous - Oceania
Cinamoneedzaponcho, F, Courtly Choice - Gadgets to Go
Nova Blu, C, Tall Dark Stranger - Havana Beach
Power Of Pink, F, Sportswriter - Pink Ideal
Ten Karett Garrett, C, Bettors Delight - Artistic Madison

Chantal Mitchell, Puslinch - Ontario
Angelic, F, Archangel - Southwind Alice
Fluid, F, Shadow Play - Hypnotize
HP Bellissimo, C, Sportswriter - HP Bellamy
Miss Universe , F, Muscle Mass - Cumin First
Outtathisworld Deo, F, Bettors Delight - Worldly Beauty
Playful Molly, F, Shadow Play - Mo Molly Blue Chip
Royal Shefford, G, Royalty For Life - Shes All Muscle
Shifty Hill, G, Bettors Delight - Margret Hill
Showmethemoney Deo, F, Bettors Delight - Rocklamation
Wake Zone, C, Bettors Delight - Sure Do Love You
Whole Lotta Rosie, F, Bettors Wish - Gossip Model

Dr. Ian Moore, Cambridge - Ontario
Dee, F,  Bettors Delight - Southwind Serenity
Glowing Lou, C, Sweet Lou - Teenybopper
Joel And The Jets, C, Stay Hungry - Betty And The Jets
KA, F, Bettors Delight - Mythical
Peloton Seelster, C, Shadow Play - Porsche Seelster
Philly Seelster, F, State Treasurer - Platinum Seelster
Prince Hal Hanover, C,  Captaintreacherous - Percy Blue Chip
Rod, C, Hes Watching - Molly Can Do It
Set Shot, C, Bettors Delight - Pristine Beauty
Tap To Play, C, Shadow Play - Bet On Joy
The Tulsa King, C, Shadow Play - Racey Miss
Tip of Time, C,  Shadow Play - Timeless Beauty

Eric Nadeau, Milton - Ontario
Coeuratout Du Lac, F, Control The Moment - Signet

Michelle Olson, Fraserville - Ontario
Cant Control Carl, C, Control The Moment - Shadys Ace
Trix On You, Colt, Trixton - Daretoberemarkable

John Pentland, Dochester - Ontario
Asiago Seelster, G Betterthancheddar - Aqua Rosa
Delightful Di Di, F, Captain Crunch - Delightful Dragon
Dontquityourdayjob, C Mcwicked - Family First
Erinwood Big Mac, C, Mcwicked, Zayra Bayama
Georgia Hanover, F, Captaintreacherous - Get Lucky
Perfectly Chic, F, Betterthancheddar -  Fit N Bad
The Magic Moment, C, Control The Moment - Wind River
Wicked Weston, C, Mcwicked - Saskatoon
Yolo Seelster, F, Wheeling N Dealin - You Cant Afford Me

Joe Periera, Millgrove - Ontario
Century Liberty, F, Mcwicked - Mary bits
Sayonara Seelster, F, Better Delight - Satomie Hanover
Shemars Lady Lucy, F, Dail - Givit Awhirl Pearl

Andrew Pike, South Woodslee - Ontario
Bettothananything, C, All Bets Off - Intoanything

Mary Ratchford, Ancaster - Ontario
Trophy Wife, F, My MVP - DesperateHouseWife
Ritchie Rich, C, Wheeling N Dealin - Hola Lola

Tom Riely, Roseneath - Ontario
Better My Heary, C, Betterthancheddar - Where The Heart Is
Century Latifa, F, Resolve - Witnesstheprincess
Frieda, F, Green Manalishi S - Caribean Conch
Spooky Lou, C, Dancin Lou - Paris Freeluck

Paul Ritchie, Mono - Ontario
Bar Down Brisby, G, Sunshine Beach - Stonebridge Sassy
Smiling Dancer, G, Big Jim - Smiling Dialing
Quentin Seelster, G, All Bets Off - Queenofthejungle

Robbie Robinson, Metcalfe - Ontario
Bitcoin Hanover, C,Stay Hungry - Boldnbrash Hanover
Fear the Thunder, C, Fear the Dragon - Restive Hanover
Smokey Lantern, C, Cattlewash - Fourstars Horndog

Jim Ross, Wingham - Ontario
Chillin N Spillin, C, Betters Delight - Ideal Talker
Wicked Jenny, F, Mcwicked - Jennas Delight

Pat Rouleau, Barrie - Ontario
Look Away Please, F, He's Watching - Lyons Sweet Jen

Joe Shaw, Komoka - Ontario
My Victory Plan, C, My MVP - Trot Your Sox Off

Michelle Sherman, London - Ontario
Im Victor,G, Sportswriter - Im Stunning
Strejch N It, F, Sunshine Beach - Justashady Fantasy

Gabriella Sasso, Troy - Ontario
Bruno No No, C, All Bets Off - Winback Alice
Gabby Seelster, F, All Bets Off - Glowing Killean
Gagnant, C, Love You - Miss Justine
Gucci Gucci Go, C, Green Manalishi S - Winnie The Goo
Mama Bettor Dance, F, Bettors Delight - Poison By The Page
Miss Baby, F, Hes Watching - Dreamfair Eternity
Pier Ho Emerald, F, Green Manalishi S - Pier Ho La Donato
Riverdance Hall, F, Fear The Dragon - Rocknroll Cameo
Wicked Cruiser, F, McWicked - Cruzin Tothe Dance
Windsor Patty, F, Spoertswritwer - Hope For Paddy

Taylor Spitzig, Courtright - Ontario
Easters Bunny, F, RocknrollKing - Eastern Art
King Riley, C, RocknrollKing - Rapid Riley
Low Key Mvp, C, My Mvp - Revenueconfection
RGS Carl, G, Carlson - Shadows A Virgin
Treasuremycookie, C, State Treasure - Chipchipahoy

Mark Steacy, Landsdowne - Ontario
Barbie Station, F, Walner - Midpoint
Cant See Me, F,  Captaintreacherous - Unseen
Catch My Passion, F, Bettors Delight - Catch A Secret
Delightful You, F, Bettors Delight - Feelinglikeastar
Dream Green, F, Green Manalishi S - Dream For Lindy
Fleetwood Mac, C, Green Manalishi S - Enjoyin My Life
Grand Reserve, F, Walner - Bella Glos
Hazardos, C, Always B Miki - Fiery Beauty
Ideal Beachwhere, C, American Ideal - Lindwood Beachgirl
Its My First Time, F, Big Jim -Oceanview Bindi
Kiss Cam, F,  Bettors Delight - Stonebridge Kisses
Manhattan Mayhem, F, Bettors Delight -Manhattan Again
Mikes Zurebet, C, Shadow Play - Hazes Zure Bet
Mojo Beach, C, Sunshine Beach - No Mo Fo Joe
Not A Bad Guy, C, All Bets Off - Spade Seelster
Oceanside Magic, F, Betterthancheddar -Mach Magic
Pac Man Hanover, C, Captaintreacherous - Planet Rock
Poppin Bottles, C, Muscle Hill- Champagne Jane
Royal Moon, F, Propulsion - Royal Charm
Salt N Peppa, C, Green Manalishi S -Peppas Angel
Sandy Says, C, Sunshine Beach - Forever Liza
Sassafras, F, Always B Miki - Carousel
Southwind Benny, C, Bettors Delight - Lil Miss Bourbon
Southwind Judge, C, Captaintreacherous - Southwind Johanna
Steal Away Hanover, C, Always B Miki - Shyaway
Stonebridge Alien, C, Shadow Play - Ken Doll J
Tempting, F, Always B Miki - Sweet Body
The Well, F, Bettors Delight - Palm Patrol
Wells Fargo, F,  Muscle Mass- Wheely Quick
Wicked Dancer, C, McWicked - Dancin In The Nude

Gino Toscani, Mount Hope - Ontario
Celtics Whitesox, F, Six Pack - Abbies Celticlass

Jean Tourigny, Guelph - Ontario
Bet On Karen, F, All Bets Off - Special Princess
Hp Top Modele, F, Sportswriter - A Mary Can Sting
Ivy Lynn, F, Green Manalishi S - Marion Mayflower
Mood Control, C, Control The Moment - Shadow World
Th Final Dance, F, Dancin Lou - Final Decision
Silver Mass, G, Muscle Mass - Silver
Silver Manalishi, F, Green Manalishi S, - Crystal Girl
Silver Majesty, F, All Bets Off - Acaena De Charika

Bud & Lindsey Sinclair, Stratford - Ontario
Lady Samantha, F, Betterthancheddar - Lady By Chance
Scooby Diver, G, Sunshine Beach - Mollie Mcgeoch
Whatcha Doin, F, Big Jim - Whatareyoulookinat
Wheely Happy, F, Wheelin N Dealin - Windsong Ophelia

Jeff Taylor, Ottawa - Ontario
April Shadows, F, Shadow Play-April May Dune
Limbo Dancer, C, Mcwicked -That Day
Wicked Royal, C, Mcwicked - Crown Apple

John Thomson, Peterborough - Ontario
Forrest Leah, F, Bettors Delight - Lady Jake

Mitchell Tierney, Freelton - Ontario
Fill Them Boots, G, Arthur Blue Chip - Menagerie

Dean Wall, Komoka - Ontario
Unnamed, C, Big Jim - So Rammie

Rick Zeron, Puslinch - Ontario
Ellice Island,C,Tactical Landing - Tuvalu
Hands Off My Peach,F, Muscle Mass - Peach Martini
Heavens Fire, C, Archangle - Fiery Ash
Landing On Time, C, Tactical Landing - Courtney Hanover

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