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2019 Two Year Olds in Training - Ontario - M - Z, Anthony & Amy MacDonald, Guelph, Ontario
Alesund, F, Uncle Peter - Marcella Hall
Anteros, C, E L Titan - Aphrodite Hall
Arctic Force, C, American Ideal - Jus Chilln Out
Beach Boutique, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Dashboard Dancer
Beach Bum BB, F, Bring On The Beach - On Your Feet BB
Ben Dover, C, Uncle Peter - Andis Alana
Bottle Of Red, F, Heston Blue Chip - Red Zinfandel
Brushcut, C, Heston Blue Chip - Love That Cut
Cabernet, F, Artspeak - La Crema
Canadian Titan, F, E L Titan - Canadian Magic
Capistrano, F, Warrawee Needy - Unique Desire
Cheatin Dixie, F, Deweycheatumnhowe - Dixie Hit
Classic Con, C, Conway Hall - Classical Strike
Classy Will, C, Im Gorgeous - Classy Yankee
Compass Rose DC, F, Uncle Peter - Pacific Legacy
Crazy Mission, G, Manofmanymissions - Venice Holiday
Dontblvmejustwatch, C, Hes Watching - Hudson Gal
Effusive, C, Father Patrick - Graceful Touch
Emerald Miss, F, We Will See - Drivin Miss Rudee
Enduring Strength, C, Angus Hall - Woman of Strength
Enjoyin My Life, F, Royalty For Life - Enjoy N My Lady
Excellent Nation, C, We Will See - Allamerican Nation
Film Fanatic, C, Bettors Delight - Film Critic
Forged In Fire, C, Yankee Glide - Emerald Seelster
Fox Valley Shazam, F, Muscle Mass - Armbro Adored
French Twist, C, Angus Hall - French Doll
Frontier Cruise, C, Sunshine Beach - Cuzurinittowinit
Fusspot, F, Artspeak - Moonlit Dragon
Globetrotting, F, Manofmanymissions - Celebrity Deville
Gold Watch, C, Hes Watching - Mysticaliscape
Harness Am, F, Father Patrick - Noblesse Blue Chip
Havana Ooh Nana, F, Guccio - Baileys Wish
Heavenly Skies, F, Archangel - Travelin Supergirl
Hometown Boyz, C, Muscle Mass - SOS Respect
Ill Play It Alone, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Its No Secret
In Land Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Willow Warrior
Jailhouse Master, G, Jailhouse Jesse - Mooseface
Johann, C, Sebastian K S - You And I
Just For Me Nu, F, Donato Hanover - Just In Time
Knockdown Dragout, F, Sebastian K S - Carla
Libero Hanover, C, Cantab Hall - La Boheme
Macpherson Thunder, C, Sunshine Beach - Sarahs Creek
Marzannk Hanover, F, Mach Three - Monte Carlo Madam
Master Treaty, C, Vintage Master - Art Alliance
Mcnugget, F, Mcardle - Profound Beauty
Ms Brampton Beast, F, Sunshine Beach - Sproxy Roxy
Ms Mischief Maker, F, Donato Hanover - Cha Cha Magic
Muscle Chrome, F, Muscle Mass - Motown Madam
Nancy Allison, F, Donato Hanover - Christina M
Need Ur Opinion, F, Warrawee Needy - Opinionated
Olympic Hopeful, F, Cassis - Gold Medalist
Overdue Mission, F, Manofmanymissions - Northern Lucy
Path Of Totality, F, Donato Hanover - Headintheclouds
Pine Creek, F, Uncle Peter - Aleah Hanover
Really Blue Chip, F, Credit Winner - Muscles Secret
Rockinoutloud, F, Thinking Out Loud - Classic Rock
Rooney Blue Chip, C, Trixton - Shes Nuts
Rose Run Valiant, C, Cash Hall - Anything But Love
Rose Run Versatile, F, Muscle Massive - Shes A Flight Risk
Sebastian Ray, C, Sebastian K S - Baby Bella
Sebastian U, C, Sebastian K S - Broadway Paige
Somtimsthingshapen, C, Cash Hall - Charlize Hall
Spend That Money, F, Uncle Peter - Spend It In
Spirit Of Deo, F, Trixton - Caylee Dream
Sunshine N Shade, C, Sunshine Beach - Maid In Shade
Susie K, F, Climb Higher - Nickie K
Talking Peter, G, Uncle Peter - Lovetotalkgottarun
Toofakind Hanover, F, Artspeak - Twin B Beachbaby
Trafalgar, F, Dali - Real Heart
Tymal Dazzle, F, Kadabra - Conway Connie
Tymal Kazzam, C, Kadabra - Lexus Hall
Urs Ifu Want It, C, Uncle Peter - Lexis Electra
Utopian, C, Big Jim - Thistimeitsforreal
Watch Ave, C, Hes Watching - My My Mare
Watchlist, C, Hes Watching - Liberated Leah
Wiggle Delight, F, Bettors Delight - Wiggle Hanover
Will Power Fashion, C, Possess The Will - Athena Hanover
Zebs Sunshine, C, Sunshine Beach - Topgun Lady

Ron Macdonald, Freelton, Ontario
Traveller, C, Muscle Mass - Beginish

Paul MacDonell, Guelph, Ontario
Anthem Seelster, F, Mach Three - Art Rock Cafe
Kombucha, F, Kadabra - Terrific Dream
Wilsons Vinner, C, Sunshine Beach - On The Choo Choo
Combs Hanover, C, Archangel - Chez Lucie

Ted MacDonnell, Guelph, Ontario
Yannick Seelster, C, Big Jim - Yankee Athena
Stonebridge Echo, F, Mach Three - Stonebridge Appeal
Brownys Girl, F, Angus Hall - Pine Knolls
Dreaming Tree, F, Archangel - Taras Princess
Thinkingofyoubabe, F, Thinking Out Loud - Goodnewsbabe

Blake MacIntosh, Cambridge, Ontario
Acrylic, F, Art Major - Maid West
A Positive Hanover, C, Captaintreacherous - Alway True
Beach Blanket Book, F, Sportswriter - Beadch Bonnet
Bet On A Dream, C, Betterthancheddar - La Daydreamer
Bettorbeasecret, F, Bettors Delight - Dark Secret
Blakes Chip, C, Heston Blue Chip - Glass Maker
Bodylikeabackroad, F, American Ideal - Ms Harrington
Bronze Yankee, C, Muscles Yankee - Brontease
Charming Julieann, F, Lucky Chucky - Queen Julia
Coralina, F, Kadabra - Third Reef
Derby Dog Hanover, C, American Ideal - Deli Beach
Elite Retreat, C, Dream Away - Wild Retreat
Groovy Joe, C, Roll With Joe - Chotat Milk
Hetalkstoangels, C, Archangel - J Marie
Hushabye, F, Chapter Seven - Banbury Cross
Jacked Up Hanover, C, Art Major - Jasmine Hanover
Jazz Major, F, Art Major - Wishfor Rocknroll
Lady Eliza, F, Hes Watching - Keystone Eliza
Lady Rachel, F, Sportswriter - Graphene
Majoring Artist, C, Art Major - Western Dancer
Major On The Beach, C, Art Major - One For The Beach
Needy Pleasure, C, Warrawee Needy - Ingrid Hanover
Needless To Say, C, Warrawee Needy - Rambaran Star
No Where To Hide, F, Bettors Delight - Albany Hanover
Opulent, F, Bettors Delight - Czarina Hanover
Queso Relleno, F, Betterthancheddar - Hey Macarena
Rojas Blue Chip, F, American Ideal - Southwind Swallow
Shark Idea, F, Western Ideal - Shark Lady
Sixfingerfreddie, C, Bettors Delight - Machnbyrd Princess
Stonebridge Icicle, C, Bettors Delight - Glacier Express
Sunshine Hall, F, Sunshine Beach - Marnie Hall
Team Best, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Sports Chic
True Brew, C, Kadabra - Fashion Tango
Twin B Infinity, F, Roll With Joe - Twin B Intimate
Twin B Salsa, F, Art Major - Western Heat
Wheredoigofromhere, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Here And Now
Me Two, F, Hes Watching - Cordial Yankee

J.F. Maguire, Flamborough, Ontario
Datsit, C, EL Titan - Chefheartsalot
Scamp, C, EL Titan - Incredible I Am
Mag N Roses, F, Royality For Life - Lavieenrose De Vie

Andrew McCabe, First Line Training Center, Milton, Ontario
Aphrodite Duke, F, EL Titan - Single Pans Reflex
Double Down Duke, C, Bettors Delight - Lady Terror
High Roller Duke, F, Bettors Delight - Mystique Beachbum
Live For The Sun, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Living History
Rambling Ruby Duke, C, Sunshine Beach - Ruffiana
Rockabilly Barbie, F, Sunshine Beach - Keystone Mystique

Ted McDonald, Ottawa, Ontario
Baywatching, F, Hes Watching - Addison Bay

Scott McNiven, Dorchester, Ontario
Hidden Figure, C, Vintage Master - Hidden Cost
Land Of Paradise, F, Badlands Hanover - Blue Paradise
Mach Off, F, Mach Three - Heavens Best Angel
McHappy, F, Warrawee Needy - Bashful Way
Mr Cheeseman, C, Betterthancheddar - Bandolera Hanover
Sparkle Farkle, F, Vintage Master - Shellace

Don Meekison Jr., Ingersoll, Ontario
Darktwisteddreams, G, Tigerama - Miss Cammi

Bill Megens, Puslinch, Ontario
Emily Antoinette, F, Muscle Mass - Juliet

David Menary, Flambourgh, Ontario
Shelton Seelater, C, Hes Watching - Shadow Of Mymind
Just Watch Out, G, Hes Watching - Band Of Emeralds
Watch Me Boogie, F, Hes Watching - Dance Until Dawn
Warrawee Verona, F, Hes Watching - Davincis Choice
Calling All Beaches, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Major Look
Somebeach Sometime, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Talk Time
Keystone Kalimba, F, Bettors Delight - Keystone Kismet
Big City News, F, Sportwriter - London Eye
Bold N Sporty, F, Sportswriter - Murrayfield
Play Therapy, C, American Ideal - Sportsmistress
Shoes Galore, F, American Ideal - Bagaholic
Linus, G, Roll With Joe - Jet Wash
Shesaspicybeach, F, Sunshine Beach - Allamerican Terra
Magics Wizard, C, E L Titan - Its All Magic

Millar Farms, Stouffville, Ontario
Trainer: Eric Adams
Ruby on Rails, F, Bettors Delight - Luck on the Run
Social Theories, G, Bettors Delight - Musical Voyage
Singular Case, C, Bettors Delight - Chocolate Truffle
Before and Beyond, G, Bettors Delight - Mindsweeper
Bettorbuckleup, C, Bettors Delight - Farouche Hanover
Shiraz Seelster, F, Bettors Delight - Shakai Hanover
Poto Hanover, F, Bettors Delight - Panned Out
Maidens Cove, F, Mach Three - Whosluckierthanme
Travel Ban, G, Mach Three - Three Charms
Social Thought, C, Vintage Master - Riveting
Wealth and Poverty, F, Thinking Out Loud - Unchained Speed
Lainie Hanover, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Latte Lady
Nice Kitty Hanover, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Nine Lives Hanover
Full View, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Sight To See
Maiden Major, F, Art Major - Bridesmaid Hanover
Duostep Hanover, F, Hes Watching - Dagnabit Hanover
Shifting Views, G, Big Jim - Mind Over Matter

Debi O’Brien-Moran, Campbellville, Ontario
Siochan, F, Warrawee Needy - Clonlara T

Ed Peconi, Peterborough, Ontario
Lovedbythemasses, C, Muscle Mass - Incredibility

Jennifer Pinkerton, JP Stables, Komoka, Ontario
Alakazam Angel, F, Archangel - Century Alakazam
J M Betting Hearts, F, Betters Delight - Six Of Hearts

Tom and Beth Rankin Stables, St Catharines, Ontario
Trainer: Shane Weber
Stravinsky, C, Sebastian K - Frisky Magic
Claire Dunphy, F, Muscle Mass - Northern Flare
Pier Ho Kado, F, Kadabra - Pier Ho La Donato
Sevencaratgold, F, Chapter Seven - Spur Ann E
Izzies Elegance, F, Royalty For Life - World Class Image
Deolicious, F, Mach Three - World Of Her Own
Hone The Tone, C, E L Titan - R Tonys Girl
Sheswildnfree, F, Muscle Mass - Fiery Manes
Autonomous Lady, F, Muscle Mass - Ms Kristins Baby
R Town Leader, C, Kadabra - Priya Seelster

Kyle Reibeling, Milton, Ontario
River Dali, C, Dali - Mary Rita Hanover
Belle Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Museum Treasure
Bee Two Bee, C, Sunshine Beach - Bee Full Of Steinam
Butterfly Kisses, F, Big Jim - Pocketfulasunshine
Cant Stop The Feeling, F, Dali - Stryking Dove
Lobel Bruiser, C, Believeinbruiser - Dear Vicky
Shesa Ice Queen, F, Big Jim - Cristinella Bella

James Ross, Wingham, Ontario
Beach Sports, F, Sportswriter - Beachy Girl

Brian Samis, Port Perry, Ontario
Dorset Bay, C, Kadabra - Fabulous Tag

Colonel Schneider, Arthur, Ontario
Seel The Dark, F, Shadow Play - Rafaella Seelster
Spun From Magic, C, Kadabra - Im A Munchie Girl
Dylans Bank, C, Thinking Out Loud - Sexnvetts
Moms A Limey, F, Big Jim - Vals Vision

Sarah Lauren Scott, Rockwood, Ontario
Silver Spoon, F, Muscle Mass - Evolution

Bill Shaw, London, Ontario
Muscles Aplenty, F, Angus Hall - Show Me Your Muscles

Jerry Sims, Denfield, Ontario
Domino Seelster, C, Thinking Out Loud - Disco Diva
Vintage George, C, Vintage Master - Stonebridge Superb

Bud & Lindsey Sinclair, Stratford, Ontario
Witnessintheshadow, F, Shadow Play - Witness To Fame
Quinsfriskywhiskey, G, Shadow Play - Gramps Girly
Steely Dawn F, Badlands Hanover - Panama Seelster
Chili N Toast G, Angus Hall - Paradox Image

Drew Smyth, Guelph, Ontario
Lunar Launch, C, Vintage Master - Calico Moon

Dennis Spitzig, Sarnia, Ontario
Shadow Lou, F, Shadow Play - Roxanna Hanover
DJ Roy Hall, G, Amigo Hall - Miss Racearooney

Taylor Spitzig, Courtright, Ontario
Hope To Win, F, Rocknroll King - Hopesway
Pretty Rapid Dash, F, Rocknroll King - Rapid Riley
Nickerback, C, Rocknroll King - Rapid Girl
Carollittlesking, C, Rocknroll King - Northern Actress
Chucks Choice, C, Rocknroll King - B M Omega Aplha
The Dark Knight, C, Twin B Rawley - Daylight Katie

Doran Stoddart, Markdale, Ontario
Cambriar, F, Classic Card Shark - Quintella

John Sullivan, Dresden, Ontario
Magnitude Ten, C, Kadabra - Sunquake

Mike Wade, Little Britain, Ontario
Meadowview Mikey, G, E L Titan - Meadowview April
So Fia Lolita, F, So Surreal - My American Tallia

Isaac Waxman, Ridgeville, Ontario
Maxim Miser, C, Sportswriter - Meredith Maguire N
Freedom Delight, F, Bettors Delight - Freedom Crossing
Daddy Devito, G, A RocknRoll Dance - Otherpeoplesmoney
Noahs Play, C, Shadow Play - Lead Balloon
Addi Three, F, Mach Three - April May Dune
Art Runner, G, Artspeak - Angelic Star
Mach Jacobs, C, Mach Three - Anothercamkiss

James Wellwood, Ancaster, Ontario
Storm Chaser, C, Sportswriter - Trauma Unit
Paisa Hanover, f, Bettors Delight - P Note Blue Chip

Harold Wilson, Guelph, Ontario
Deal Of The Year, C, Muscle Mass - Nickange Two
Lady Limelight, F, Big Jim - Finetune Hanover
Back To Oz, F, Classic Card Shark - Powerful Dorothy

Rick Wilson, St. Marys, Ontario
Drinking Loud Out, F, Thinking Out Loud - Vibrent Ally

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