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2018 Two Year Olds in Training - Ontario - M - Z

Ted Macdonnell, Rockwood, Ontario
Arcane Seelster, C, Big Jim - Angelina Seelster
Magnolia Seelster, F, Big Jim - M T Freedom
Teddys Little Angel, F, Archangel - Pine Knolls
Write My Story, C, Sportswriter - One Crazy Daisy

Blake MacIntosh, Cambridge, Ontario
American Jo Jo, F, American Ideal - The Company Store
Ashlee Sparkles, F, Art Major - Ashlees Star
Better Be Gouda, C, Betterthancheddar - My Ideal
Better Moonon Over, G, Betterthancheddar - Ingrid Hanover
Boo Thang, C, Conway Hall - Classic Yankee
Brads Buddy, C, Heston Blue Chip - Siobhan
Clearly Better, F, Betterthancheddar - Glass Maker
Da Delightful, C, Bettors Delight - Marnie Hall
Fast N First, C, Bettors Delight - My Sisters A Champ
Fortunes Way, C, Conway Hall - Sierra Fortune
Giveherngogo, F, Betterthancheddar - Mimis Luck
Gossip Guy, C, Sportswriter - Flibbertigibbit
Ideal Sarah, F, American Ideal - Merculese
Jack Nation, C, American Ideal - Ladyjack
Lady Jackie, F, Badlands Hanover - Lady Leslie
Major Escape, C, Art Major - Onethatgotaway
Mystic Form, F, Art Major - Misty Speed
No More Loses, F, Rocknroll Dance - Arterra
Qarma Blue Chip, F, American Ideal - Cheer My Dear
Qrakmeup Blue Chip, F, Sunshine Beach - Fancy Creek Fanny
Fool Me Again, F, Roll With Joe - Fool That I Am
Record Year, C, Shadow Play - Streisands Place
Revival Cards, F, Royal Mattjesty - Fit N Fancy
Ring A Bella, F, Sportswriter - Rambaran Star
Saltwater Blue, F, Heston Blue Chip - Blue Paradise
Shes A Dewar, F, Western Ideal - Hasty Dewar
Sportjet Ray, F, Sportswriter - Woes Jets Filly
Sports Hero, C, Sportswriter - Belinda Hanover
Sweet Chapter, F, Chapter Seven - Moms Sweetie Pie
Take A Bit Of Life, F, Western Terror - Just A Sign Hanover
Wind Sun N Fire, R, Delmarvelous - Windsun Caprice

J.F. Maguire, Dundas, Ontario
Jazz, F, Sportswriter - Mary Michelle
Jumpshot, C, EL Titan - Chef Heartsalot
Silver, F, EL Titan - Incredible I Am

Leon Mansfield Stable, Dorchester, Ontario
Bettors Parlay, C, Bettors Delight - Parlay Hanover
Royalty Again, F, Royal Mattjesty - Here Again
Wont Miss, F, Muscle Massive - Armbro Monarch

Andrew McCabe, Guelph, Ontario
Lil Beau Duke, C, Sunshine Beach - Keystone Mystique
Bettor Be Duke, C, Bettors Delight - Ruffiana
Crazy Luke Duke, C, Sunshine Beach - Lady Terror
Cool Moon,F, Sunshine Beach - Tell The Truth
Msblackdiamondduke, F, EL Titan - Single Pans Reflex
Mae Belle Duke, F, Sunshine Beach - Pretty Thing
Alba Hanover, F, Mach Three - All Night Long

Janice McEachern, Alvinston, Ontario
Mustique Surprise, F, Big Jim - Ds Suprise

Scott McNiven, Dorchester, Ontario
Babyursoclassic, F, Classic Card Shark - Bashful Way
Come On Over, F, Badlands Hanover - Odds On Whitey
Quick Nick, G, Betterthancheddar - Made Of Money
Vintage Smile, F, Vintage Master - Electric Smile

Bill Megens, Puslinch, Ontario
Jessy, G, Angus Hall - Musclemaya

David Menary, Stephensons Training Center, Flambourgh, Ontario
Better Onthe Fence, F, Bettors Delight - Albany Hanover
Cinderella Delight, F, Bettors Delight - Modern Cinderella
Ideation Hanover, F, Bettors Delight - Ideal Weather
Blossom Onthe Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Katys Jet
Lady Catherine, F, Shadow Play - Worth Avenue
Tymal Majorette, F, Mach Three - Major Girl
Quebec Blue Chip, F, Sportswriter- Hazes Zure Bet
Warrawee Upside, F, Sportwriter - Momoney Bluechip
Face The Challenge, C, Sportswriter - Face to Face
Treasures Pirate, C, Sportswriter - St Lads Treasure
Bubbler Hanover, C, Western Ideal - Burning Point
Stroman, C, Mach Three - Mia Seelster
Past Participle, C, Well Said - Enduring Delight
Talbot Player, C, Shadow Play - Luck Of Michelle
Priceless Ruler, C, Kadabra - Priceless Lass
Isnt He An Angel, C, Archangel - Isnt She Magical
Final Angel, F, Archangel - Fin De Maye
Shesa Sweetheart, F, Royalty For Life - Andover The Top

Chantal Mitchell, Puslinch, Ontario
Gooderthangouda, G, Betterthancheddar - Bonita Beach

Andrew Moore, Russell, Ontario
Sports Scene, C, Sportswriter - Love Scene
Just My Shadow, F, Shadow Play - Just Say So
Springbridgevision, F, Shadow Play - Stonebridge Vision

Dean Nixon, Waterdown, Ontario
Angry Eyes, F, Father Patrick - Aiken For Clay
Night Sky, F, A Rocknroll Dance - Energy Efficient

Debi O'Brien-Moran, Carlisle, Ontario
Ceiliuradh, F, Vintage Master - Clonlara T

Gary Payne, Komoka, Ontario
Signet, F, Sportswriter - Gold Not Silver
Stonebridge Mach, C, Mach Three - Stonebridge Appeal

J. Pinkerton, Komoko, Ontario
Seventh Street, F, Chapter Seven - Chippewa Street

Les Posan, Brantford, Ontario
Better To Dream, F, Betterthancheddar - The Big Scoop

Jack Powell, Guelph, Ontario
Maching Beauty, F, Mach Three - Elite Avatar

Robbie Robinson, Russell, Ontario
Assistant Tr: Elvis Moore
Rockstar Rebel, C, Art Major - Rockjaws
L Dees Hawkins, C, Well Said - L Dees Lioness
Gerries Petrock, F, Pet Rock - Perfect Sport
Willies Petrock, G, Pet Rock - Gerries Madison
RU Talkin, G, Well Said - RU Game
The American Dream, G, So Surreal — Allamerica meadow
Red lip Classic, F, Political Briefing - MS Marshmala
The Magic of Life, C, Royalty For Life - Magic factory
Keeper Cruisin, C, sportswriter - Keepers Destiny

Jerry Sims, Denfield, Ontario
Denmark Seelster, C, Big Jim - Drinkinggames
J M Mandamin, C, Mach Three - J M Lasstax

Bud & Lindsey Sinclair, Stratford, Ontario
Forest On Fire, G, Sunfire Blue Chip - Quintenwhatyousay
Town Delinquent, F, Up The Credit - Elegance N Style

Taylor Spitzig, Courtright, Ontario
The Zoom, F, Twin B Rawley - Daylight Katie

Beth & Tom Rankin Stables, St. Catharines, Ontario
Tr: Shane Weber
Tyga Hanover, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Transference
Miss Congeniality, F, Kadabra - World Class Image
Love Warrier, F, Muscle Mass - R Tonys Girl
Ellens Delight, F, Archangel - Priya Seelster
The Accountant, C, Royalty For Life - Fiery Manes
Goddess Of Speed, F, E L Titan - Keep The Spirit

Kyle Reibeling, Campbellville, Ontario
Dont Dilly Dally, C, Dali - Stryking Dove
Sunshineinmypocket, F, Dali - Pocketfulasunshine

Stacey Reinsma, Cambridge, Ontario
About The South, G, Shadow Play - Best Of Daylon

Tom Riley, Roseneath, Ontario
Lucifers Son, C, Archangel - Northern Crown
Madetobeking, C, Royal Mattjesty - Lilli Maid
Cadence Seelster, F, Justice Hall - Charming Too A Tee
Queen Cora, F, Betterthancheddar - Fans Phantom
Beary Yu Von, F, Dali - Rolltideroll
Miss Waterbuffalo, F, Sunshine Beach - Casino Miss
Grand Poobah, C, Mach Three - Warrawee Limelight
Mach Of Shame, F, Mach Three - Spend It All
Blue Water Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Galyn Seelster
Chicken Nugget, C, Allamerican Native - Fantasy Jet

Murray Samons, Peterborough, Ontario
Peace Of Dali, F, Dali - Pursuit of Peace

Brian Shewfelt, Kincardine, Ontario
Ally Flight, G, Dali - Alamode
Three Smiles, F, Badlands Hanover - Windmachine

Mark Steacy, Lansdowne, Ontario
Abuelita Hanover, F, Somebeachsomewhere - A Filly To Fear
Jiminy Beach, C, Sunshine Beach - Jimmy The terror
Rap Royalty, C, Kadabra - Doin The City
Priceless Beach, C, Sunshine Beach - JK Priceless Pearl
Moonstone, C, Sunshine Beach - Staceys Lady
Twin B Betty, F, Bettors Delight - Upfront Alea
Ahi, C, Sportswriter - Hazel
Phils Sun, C, Sunshine Beach - Racey Miss
Mademoiselle Tammy, F, Sunshine Beach - Sir Lbs Z Tam
Soleil, C, Sunshine Beach - Heathers Delight
Royale Elite, C, Royalty For Life - Day Dream
OK Kudo, C, Sunshine Beach - Jennies Girl
Pyrrha, F, E L Titan - Miss Majestic
Catchafewrays, F, Sunshine Beach - RocknRoll Diva
In The Will, C, Royalty For Life - Rare Gift
Always Be Closing, F, Chapter Seven - Minky Hanover
Minor Obsession, F, Muscle Mass - Celia Bleue
Beach Bar, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Dontcrymetheblues
Love For Life, F, Royalty For Life - Lady Love Hanover
Dare To Share, C, Sunshine Beach - Real Parmesan
Sunshine Again, C, Sunshine Beach - McGain N McGain
Freya Seelster, F, Sunshine Beach - Feel The Rhythm
Moonshine Kisses, F, Sunshine Beach - Queens Character
Captain Of The Sea, F, Captaintreacherous - Ubetterthink Think
Parlay Seelster, C, Mach Three - Platinum Seelster
Sweet Western, F, Western Ideal - Burning Beaches
Canadian Beach, C, Sunshine Beach - Sunone, Campbellville, Ontario
Stolen Dance, F, Muscle Hill - Angelina Chip
Linnea, F, Sportswriter - Mysticaliscape
Better Call Mike, C, Betterthancheddar - Dropped The Call
Dancing On My Own, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Dashboard Dancer
Hard Eight, F, Bettors Delight - Makes You Wonder
King Of The Ball, C, Heston Blue Chip - Datefortheball
Quartz Blue Chip, F, Sweet Lou - Stefani Blue Chip
Sunshine Inn, F, Sunshine Beach - Pan Yankees
Kristine K, F, Rock N Roll Heaven - Wichita Hanover
Boldness, C, Muscle Hill - My Favorite Chip
Cruisin With Angus, C, Angus Hall - Shipps Foxylady
Holden Steady, C, Yankee Skyscraper - Im All A Roan
Mr Caper, C, Guccio - Caper Caillie
Autumn Wings, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Give Me An Amen
Antigua Deo, F, Somebeachsomewhere - See And Be Seen
Arvika, F, Trixton - Margie
Bay Jewel, F, Guccio - Olivias Jewel
Bea My Delight, F, Bettors Delight - B So Lucky
Buckingham, F, Sportswriter - Real Heart
Captain Miraculous, C, Captaintreacherous - Please Me Please
Casanovas Jewel, C, Muscle Massive - True Love
Cashin Onme, C, Cash Hall - Itsnot U Itsme
Curious Winner, C, Dejarmbro - Future Talent
Dance Hall Babe, F, Angus Hall - Dance Baby Dance
Delcrest Starangel, F, Archangel - Stars Balance
Final Answer, C, Yankee Glide - Armbro Talks
Friggun Biggun, C, Uncle Peter - Small Favors
Ivanka, F, Cassis - Covent Garden
Just A Tad, C, Donato Hanover - Tadys Comer
Kandy Mac, G, Rompaway Wally - Kandys Kelsey
Maintenance Man, C, Bettors Delight - Double Flip
Majesty Boy, C,Triumphant Caviar - See Her Majesty
Maxwell Plum, C, Manofmanymissions - Plums Victory
Mo Bettor, C, Bettors Delight - Sarahs Creek
Notnangel, F, Cassis - What A Joy
Oh So Pine, C, Uncle Peter - Pine Potion
Readyforthebeach, C, Beachtrea - Love Your Style
Rock On The Roll, C, World Of RocknRoll - It Was Worth It
RV Lebron, C, And Away We Go - Sierra Flower K
Screaming Hawk, C, Angus Hall - Screaming Prayer
See You In Tuscany, C, We Will See - Mcdance Desire
Springbridge Proud, C, Sweet Lou - Stonebridge Proud
Stonebridge Loyal, F, Real Desire - Dreamlands Delilah
Stonebridge Symba, C, Yankee Glide - Armbro Vanquish
Stud Muffin, C, Tellitlikeitis - My Heart Was True
Sunshines Finest, C, Sunshine Beach - My Best Girl
Swandre the Giant, C, Swan For All - Adagio
The Butler Did It, C, Credit Winner - Bramalea Hanover
Tomorrows Headline, C, Sportswriter - Tomorrowpan
Too Far Gone, F, Dejarmbro - La Marchesa
Twinsburg, F, Mcardle - Fastidious Hanover
Tymal Houdini, C, Kadabra - Lexus Hall
Tymal Tullo, C, Kadabra - Chivaree Hanover
Warrawee Ultra, F, Royalty for Life - Warrawee Kate
Westfiftysecond, C, My MVP - Westfiftyfirst
White Tiger, C, Muscle Massive - Just Not Into You
Yes, C, Manofmanymissions - Fantasy Yankee

Gino Toscani, Mount Hope, Ontario
Somewhere N Sicily, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Val Di Noto
Talented Writer, F, Sportswriter - Kims Royal Day
Sensation, F, Father Patrick - Magic Feeling
Ridin On Sunshine, C, Sunshine Beach - Takealilridewithme
Motion Of The Ocean, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Mary Artman
Cadence, C, Somebeachsomewhere - I Got Rythym
Quiditch Blue Chip, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Ramalama
Somezettesomewhere, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Friskie Beauty
Keiran, C, Art Major - Mcvita Bella
Presidential Art, C, Art Major - Presidential Lady
Road Rage Attitude, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Fox Valley Topaz
Summory View, C, Captaintreacherous - Summertime Lea

Jim Watt, Clinton, Ontario
Sportsline, C, Sportswriter - Angel In Disguise
Mostly Dali, F, Dali - More Than Most

Isaac Waxman, Ridgeville, Ontario
Mach It Again, C, Mach Three - Pro Bowl Best
Chik Maguire, C, Bettors Delight - Meredith Maguire N

Don Weaver, Acton, Ontario
And Now Theres You, F, Pet Rock - Sydney Seelster

Mark Williams, Cottam, Ontario
HBR Cupcake, F, Twin B Rawley - Wesgate Majesty

Harold Wilson, Guelph, Ontario
St Lads Cash, C, Sunfire Bluechip - St Lads Coco
Joe Mcdude, C, Big Jim - Mattercycle
Time Rolls On, C, Bettors Delight - Day After Day

Robert Young, First Line Training Centre, Milton, Ontario
Lariat Seelster, G, Kadabra - Ladycane
Qaligirl Blue Chip, F, Sunshine Beach - Alpine Gold N

Rick Zeron, Puslinch, Ontario
Training at: Sunshine Meadows, Delray Beach, FL
Lindy Gaga, F, Cantab Hall - Pearle Axe It
Qiss Me Bluechip, F, Chapter Seven - Make It Blue Chip
Beautiful Brenda, F, Credit Winner - Yankeedoodlecandy
Briarwood Belle, F, Archangel - Winbak Lola
Galaway Girl, F, Credit Winner - Hot Of The Press
A Ray Of Sunshine, F, Cantab Hall - Sunshinenlollipops
General Jackson, C, Cantab Hall - Nicolette It
Tennessee Whiskey, C, Cantab Hall - Rustic Rosie
Allthefixins, C, Justice Hall - Lady I Am
Colorfast, F, Western Ideal - The Art Museum
Listen Lilly, F, Western Ideal - Lush Limbaugh
Rhyme N Roll, F, ARocknroll Dance - My Perfect Rhyme
Carousel, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Emily Car
Heisman Player, C, Sportswriter - Simplyirresistable
Ballparkfrank, C, Sportswriter - Tipsy Taters
Forever Fav, C, Betters Delight - Forever Cam

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