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2020 Two Year Olds in Training - Ontario - M - Z, Anthony MacDonald, Guelph, Ontario
Well N Down, F, Well Said - D J Cameo
Set The Mood, G, Heston Blue Chip - Calico Moon
Surreal Love, G, So Surreal - Dinah Ross
Girl From Oz, F, Heston Blue Chip - Girls Go Racing
So Admirable, F, So Surreal - Admirals Chance
Rockindownunder, F, Warrawee Needy - Rockin Lu Lu
Iglare AM, F, Southwind Frank - Noblesse Blue Chip
Eternity Road, G, Southwind Spirit - Matriarch Hanover
First Glance, C, Thinking Out Loud - Whiteglance
Lets Roll On, G, Southwind Spirit - Show Your Lindys
Cantdenymyspirit, G, Southwind Spirit - No I Didnt
Holy Chick, F, Broadway Hall - Dreams Of Her
Mo Mo, F, Racing Hill - Tea Pot Hanover
Perfect Record, C, Trixton - Perfect Beauty
GW Chrome, G, Break The Bank K - ATM Money
Braemar, C, Betting Line - Dont You Smile
Cut The Line, F, Betterthancheddar - Love That Cut
Sweet Ambitions, F, Father Patrick - With Sugar
Imalovelylady, F, My MVP - Love My Muscles
The Fat Cobra, G, Always B Miki - Little Miss Dragon
Momma Knows Best, F, Uncle Peter - Europass
Desperado, G, Well Said - Bleeding Blue
My Jazz, F, My MVP - Loving Jazz
Northern Blizzard, G, Royalty For Life - Bluster
Carry A Big Stick, C, Big Stick Lindy - Adriana Hanover
Im Hill On Wheels, C, Muscle Hill - Pacific Legacy
Royhill, G, Racing Hill - The Mistress
Miss Meringue, F, Uncle Peter - Top Tart
Rose Run Wanda, F, We Will See - Caminated
Girls With Swirls, F, Angus Hall - Candid
Maner Argento, C, Donato Hanover - Angela Hall
Cant Muscle Me, F, Muscle Mass - Legs On A Rail
Captains Maid, F, Captaintreacherous - Maid In Shade
Try To Tease Me, F, Southwind Spirit - Teasing Donna
Keystone Raven, F, Bettors Delight - Keystone Rebecca
Rose Run Why Not, F, Uncle Peter - Loconotion
Greyisthenewred, F, Racing Hill - Redwalls
Fox Valley Britzka, G, Whom Shall I Fear - Ms Brittania
Walkonthemoon, C, Archangel - Classic Belle
Tanzanite Trixx, F, Trixton - Classic Yankee
Bettors Hope, G, Bettors Delight - Hope For Paddy
Broadway Role, F, Roll With Joe - Role Reversal
Siros Blue Chip, G, American Ideal - Incredible Beauty
Stacey Hanover, F, Trixton - Special Appeal
Barbies Crown, F, Wheeling N Dealin - Barbie And Ken
Adrenaline Rush, G, Royal Mattjesty - Sproxy Roxy
Sunshine In Mae, F, Sunshine Beach - Laura Mae
Thats My Girl, F, Guccio - Whiskey Hanover
Tipsy In Dixie, F, Muscle Mass - Twin B Alibi
Blue Monk, C, Up The Credit - Real Heart
Brilliant Corners, G, Betterthancheddar - Thistimeitsforreal
Warrawee Wazzup, G, Warrawee Needy - Momoney Bluechip
Cambridge Star, G, Cantab Hall - Eastern Starlet
Warrawee Welcome, F, Muscle Mass - Noble Peace Prize
Wonmyheart Hanover, F, Sebastian K S - Whotookwhat
Royal Tyrone, G, Royalty For Life - Steppin Out
Round Midnight, G, Big Jim - Unique Desire
Italian Grit, C, Guccio - Sherry Baby
Frilly Fringes, F, Southwind Frank - Surrey With Fringe
Jesse Balboa, G, Jailhouse Jesse - Rockabye Glory
Lincoln Hanover, G, Chapter Seven - Lady Violet
Jazzy Judy, F, Political Briefing - Giant Smash
Darling Please, F, Merchandiser - Ms Medusa
Beef N Cheddar, G, Betterthancheddar - Opinonated
No Free Lunch, C, Sunshine Beach - Simply Mavelous
Off Road Hanover, C, Trixton - On The Glide
Rideau Sunshine, C, Sunshine Beach - Highland Lucy
Wayne MacLean, Thornton, Ontario
Buckys Angel, C, Archangel - Giona
Gary Mahon, Owen Sound, Ontario
Chases One Andonly, F, Chasin Jiffy - Regal Magic
Dwayne Mcfadden, Dresden, Ontario
Akissfromarose, F, Thinking Out Loud - Chantilly Rose
Jason McGinnis, Campbellville, Ontario
Remmen Hanover, C, Pet Rock - R Ellen Hanover
Scrappy Lil Nobody, F, Racing Hill - Makeba Hall
Blake MacIntosh, Flamboro, Ontario
A Better Game, F, Betterthancheddar - Shes Game
Actions Delight, F, Bettors Delight - Enchanted Beauty
Arch Hall, C, Archangel - Mon Amour Hall
Arianna Grandeo, F, Roll With Joe - See And Be Seen
Bazooka Hanover, C, Captaintreacherous - Bittorsweet Terror
Beach Moment, F, Control The Moment - Beach Bretta
Best Chance, C Sweet Lou - Chancey Lady
Bet On Joy, F, Bettors Delight - Jennas Joy
Black Tie Bash, C, Chapter Seven - Daylon Mermaid
Combatant, C, Royal Mattjesty - Bunker To Bunker
Fit To Rule, F, Royal Mattjesty - Fit N Fancy
Frank Deford, C, Sportswriter - Hot Legs
Fuzzy Angel, F, Archangel - Energy Drink
Graceful Titan, F, EL Titan - Tellyalittlesecret
Great Somewhere, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Lady Be Great
Grip N Win, F, Betting Line - Spring Break
Hurrymiki Hanover, C, Always Be Miki - Hana Hanover
Jim Rocks, C, Roll With Joe - Michelle Rocks
Lifetime Experience, C, Bettors Delight -Extreme Dream
Lil Red Sportsstar, C, Sportswriter - Rambaran Star
Loyal Lynnly, F, Chapter Seven - Cr Minosa
Loyal Will, C, Betterthancheddar - Respectednbeloved
Marymenow Hanover, F, Art Major - Mary Mattgalane
Major Makover, C, Art Major - Mako Wish
Major Motion, C, Art Major - Kg Delight
Math Wizard, C, Kadabra - K T Cha Cha
Mr Charisma, C, Betterthancheddar - Village Jovial
Muscle Jack, C, Muscle Mass - J Marie
Needingoffthegrid, F, Warrawee Needy - Ingrid Hanover
Ole Joe, C, Roll With Joe - Bandolera Hanover
Perfectboy Hanover, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Perfect Cents
Point Spread, C, Betting Line - Angels Delight
Quimby Hanover, F, Art Major - Queen Teen
San Cristobal, C, Chapter Seven - Hall Of Wishes
Smile Its Friday, F, Sportswriter- Smileallthewayhome
Somewhereinverona, C, Somebeachsomewhere - Northern Duchess
Southern Memories, F, Roll With Joe - Stonebridge Kisses
Sports Check, F, Sportswriter - Lyons Mandi
Sports Duchess, F, Sportswriter - My Ideal
Tide Her Over, F, Roll With Joe - Tidewaterdragonfly
Trip Sevens, F, Chapter Seven - Maker A Yankee
Victory Move, C, American Ideal - Ireneonthemove
Scott McNiven, Dorchester, Ontario
Magic Dreams, F, Royal Mattjesty - Wild Dream
Shadow One, F, Shadow Play - Blinker Hanover
Sharp Play, G, Betterthancheddar - Snappy Play
Ken Middleton, Cambridge, Ontario
Fonzie Chacharelli, G, Betterthancheddar - Little Miss Sporty
Shes A Sassy Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Lady Marina
Chantal Mitchell, Puslinch, Ontario
Bison Hanover, C, Art Major - Burning Point
Control Heaven, C, Control The Moment - Somewhereinheaven
Imasharpdealer, C, Wheeling N Dealin - Wonder Wand
The Prince, C, Archangel - Princess Lily
Debi O’Brien-Moran, Carlisle, Ontario
Mananan Mac Lir, G, Big Jim - Clonlara T
Richard Moreau, Puslinch, Ontario
Arrhythmic Fire, C, Hes Watching - Sammy Syd
Dean Nixon, Windsor, Ontario
Two Pockets, F, Crazed - I Like My Kaddy
Michel Ouimet, Acton, Ontario
Beach Bingo, F, Sunshinebeach - Sunone
Hocus Pocus Hanover, F, Western Ideal - Holding Court
John Pentland, Dorchester, Ontario
Sundown, C, Sunshine Beach - Real Parmesan
Justalittlebetter, F, Betterthancheddar - My Little Art
Joelsyy Hanover, C, JK Endofanera - Jans Luck
Premier Kane, C, Sportswriter - Icey Breeze
Avonlea Seelster, F, State Treasurer - Angelina Seelster
TF Hickory, C, Shadow Play - Lets Rock N Roll
Sundown, C, Sunshine Beach - R Ciao Baby
Heather Pickett, Clinton, Ontario
Poplar Nole, G, Sunshine Beach - Drum Roller
One Drink Ago, G, Your Nemesis - Dynamic Date
Archer, G, Thinking Out Loud - Bad girl Ella
Twos Are Wild, G, Classic Card Shark - Luck Runns Over
KD Roses, F, Shadow Play - Coloure Da Lira
Jennifer Pinkerton, Komoka, Ontario
JM Betonsix, F, Betting Line - Six Of Hearts
Welcome Matty, C, Archangel - Century Alakazam
Les Posan, Princeton, Ontario
Wasaga, F, Hes Watching - The Big Scoop
Tiara Dancer, F, Betterthancheddar - Fan For Life
Stephane Pouliot, Kemptville, Ontario
Something Wicked, F, Vintage Master - Wicked Speed
Kyle & Braiden Reibeling, Campbellville, Ontario
LMC Smores, F, Il Sogno Dream - LMC Marshmellow
LMC Major, C, Merchandiser - Massive Qutie
Tristar Dream, C, Il Sogno Dream - Love Me Do
Sunshinendiamonds, C, Sunshine Beach - Shezadiamonddealer
Street Glider, F, Glidemaster - Queen Street
A Penny Foyerthots, F, Thinking Out Loud - Im Stunning
Gord Remmen, Campbellville, Ontario
Under Warranty, G, Sportswriter - You See L A
Sports Corp, G, Mystician - Show Some Leg

Tom Riley, Roseneath, Ontario
Black Tux, G, Glidemaster - Tracy My Love
Chuck The Cheese, G, Betterthancheddar - Hudson Gal
Dark Moves, G, Dali - Paris Freeluck
The Yingyang, G, Thinking Out Loud - Rockin Alice
Julieann B, F, Angus Hall - Queen Julia
Gary Rivest, Waterdown, Ontario
Late Night Dealer, C, Classic Card Shark - Ella Mae
Robbie Robinson, Ottawa, Ontario
A Summer Whirlwind, F, Crazed - Summer Stone
Izzy Breezy, F, Muscle Mass - Miss Turbo Breeze
Keystone Delight, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Keystone Dawn
Festive Joe, C, Roll With Joe - Restive Hanover
Despicto Lou, C, Sweet Lou - Broken English
James Ross, Wingham, Ontario
Century Heineken, G, Bettors Delight - Brushstrokes
Colonel Schneider, Arthur, Ontario
Movin To The Top, F, Kadarba - Im A Munchie Girl
Big Lady J, F, Big Jim - Canadette
Sunshine Bay, F, Sunshine Beach - Roulette Seelster
State Of Treasure, C, State Treasurer - Eftiera
Hollys Treasure, C, State Treasurer - LH Hollys Cam
Jerry Sims, Denfield, Ontario
U Make Me Think, G, Thinking Out Loud - U Make Me Laugh
Idrinkalone, G, Vintage Master - Stonebridge Superb
Bud & Lindsey Sinclair, Stratford, Ontario
Lady By Chance, F, Shadow Play - Mimis Luck
Thinkaboutitfirst, F, Thinking Out Loud - Witness To Fame
Taylor Spitzig, Courtright, Ontario
Elvis, C, Rocknroll King - Hopesway
Its Julep Time, F, Rocknroll King - Daily Report
Tiffanee Staley, Guelph, Ontario
Bettor Half, C, Bettors Delight - Machleen
Shades of Silver, C, Shadow Play - Silver Dialing
Launch My Song, F, Sportswriter - Songwriter
Mark Steacy, Lansdowne, Ontario
Want A Beach, C, Sunshine Beach - Want Answers
A Star Galaxy, C, Angus Hall - Starry Eyed
Southbeach Hanover, C, Somebeachsomewhere - So Perfect
Katy's Delight, F, Bettors Delight - Katys Delight
Ilusionist Hanover, C, Bettors Delight - Ifucouldcwhatic
Mr. Wheeler, C, Wheeling N Dealin - Parcc Side Missy
Teacup Hanover, F, Crazed - Teagarden Hanover
Come On Sun, F, Sunshine Beach - Amber Blue Chip
Southwind Bronn, C, Sportswriter - Cozy Beach
Great Dane, F, Muscle Mass - Danish Darby
Cool Blue, F, Captaintreacherous - Ali Blue
Take A Gamble, C, Bettors Delight - Bad Sister
Seahawk Seelster, C, Royalty For Life - Striking Lady
Sauvayed, C, Sunshine Beach - Fanciful
Robbie Rule Maker, C, Sunshine Beach - Queens Character
Diehard Seelster, C, Wheelin N Dealin - Donatos Classic
Nightlife Seelster, F, Sunshine Beach - No Strikes Against
Radical JJ, F, Muscle Mass - Radical Janey
Feisty Betty, F, Sunshine Beach - Hazel
Power Of Four, C, Sunshine Beach - Dancin Inthe Nude
Moscow Moon, C, Wheelin N Dealin - Day Dream
Hazels Image, F, Royalty For Life - Gramolas Image
OK Moxie, F, Sunshine Beach - OK Godiva
Stormy Beachgirl, F, Bettors Delight - Lindwood Beachgirl
Original Fury, C, Father Patrick - Juanitas Fury
Sheena Secret, C, Cantab Hall - Sheenas Secret
Warrawee Whisper, C, Trixton - Karoon
Whole Lotta Lovin, F, Muscle Mass - Celebrity Lovin
Lovin Life Hanover, C, Royalty For Life - Lady Bar
Ryan Steward, Lucan, Ontario
Happy Royal, F, Royal Majesty - Joy Luck Hall
Havartiwon, F, Betterthencheddar - Keystone Samurai
Revero, F, Control The Moment - Rubies Are Real
Terri Stokes, Midhurst, Ontario
Heidi’s Blue Moon, F, Up the Credit - Daylon Highlander
Teesha Symes, guelph, Ontario

The Big Cheese, F, Betterthachaddar - Pretty Big Beau
Mike Wade, Little Britain, Ontario
Nebula Ihe, F, Angus Hall - B Cor Tanya
Marner, G, Royalty For Life - Winning Miss Betty
Precious Amber, F, Bettors Delight - Amber Rock
Shadow N Redshoney, F, Shadow Play - My Red High Heels
Wildcat Antonia, F, Control The Moment - Wildcat Beauty
Isaac Waxman, Ridgeville, Ontario
Reinspired, F, Hes Watching - Twin B Inspiring
Thats My Jam, F, Kadabra - Fitness Girl
Amini, F, Sportswriter - St Lads Hailaroo
Wheres Nono, F, Big Bad John - Annie Duke
Shane Weber, St. Catharines, Ontario
Brash Lady, F, Royalty For Life - R Tonys Girl
Titans Hope, F, EL Titan - Fiery Manes
High Ideals, F, EL Titan - Ms Kristins Baby
Tweeter Hanover, F, Western Ideal - Transference
Laugh Now, C, Chapter Seven - Final Countdown
Storm Trotter, C, Muscle Mass - Another Katie
R Double O Seven, C, Chapter Seven - Keep the Spirit
Deceptive Speed, F, Kadabra - California Rachel
Pepis Gal, F, Angus Hall - Priya Seelster
Rick Wilson, St. Marys, Ontario
Cheddarbredallyfed, G, Betterthancheddar - Vibrent Ally
Mark Winnacot, Rockwood, Ontario
Jemaxpos Rock Star, F, Big Jim - Sammartha Stewart
Jack Wray, Dorchester, Ontario
Proline, C, Sportswriter - Sauble Claire
Wheelings Majesty, C, Wheelin N Dealin - Keris Majstc Dream
Bad Master, C, Vintage Master- Fit N Bad
Play Rock, C, Shadow Play- Classic Rock
Lord Royal, C, Royal Mattjesty - PH Diagnosis

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