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2021 Two Year Olds in Training - Ontario - M - Z

Paul MacDonell, Guelph, Ontario
Lexus Ranger, G, Archangel - Lexus Helios
Go Hughston, G, Bettors Delight - Putmeintogo
JMM Hanover, F, Sportswriter - Jasmine Hanover

Ted MacDonell, Guelph, Ontario
Musculus Massa , C, Muscle Mass - Quintessa
Dustins Girl, F, Shadow Play - Outofthefryingpan
Free Spin, F, Archangel - Seawind Pascale
The Legend Continues, C, Archangel - Top Photos
Heavens Pic , C, Archangel - Allerage Belle
Stop The Shooting, C, Hes Watching - Ms Maggie

Blake MacIntosh, Waterdown, Ontario
Maisys Muscle, F, Muscle Hill - Windong Nolwenn
My Sun And Stars, F, Muscle Hill - This Dreams On Me
Hollywood Hanover, F, Somebeachsomewhere - Hana Hanover
War Of Will, C, Captaintreacherous - Wishfor Rocknroll
Silent Crossing, F, Captaintreacherous - Freedom Crossing
Self Important, F, Resolve - Holier Than Thou
Clockwork Orange, F, Resolve - Too Good For You
Feel The Force, C, Resolve - Serenas Genie
Stonebridge Zeus, C, Resolve - Stonebridge Epic
Bikini Genie, F, Sunshine Beach - Pleasant Yet Bad
Roll With The Flow, C, Roll With Joe - Streisands Place
All In Jest, C, Bettors Delight - Im All In
Team Mac, C, Bettors Delight - Sports Chic
Grin N Sin, F, Bettors Delight - Smokin N Grinin
Twin B Slayer, C, Fear The Dragon - Twin B Epic
Global News, F, Archangel - Going Global
Ima Standup Guy, C, Archangel - Sierra Fortune
Stonebridge Pheme, F, Sportswriter - Stonebridge Rumor
Raising Sand, C, Sportswriter - Drag N Sand
Getting Intuit, C, Sportswriter - Shes So Hot
Beauty Bling, F, Sportswriter - Alota Bling
Sports Fan, C, Sportswriter - My Ideal
Twenty Four K, C, Sportswriter - Platinum Choice
American Ticket, F, American Ideal - Free Ticket
Clear As Glass, F, American Ideal - Glass Maker
Sixinsix, C, American Ideal - Inanotherworld
Bar Back Buddy, C, Bar Hopping - Kimco Hall
Shy Stella, F, Chapter Seven - Mia Stellina
Better Double Flip, F, Betterthancheddar - Double Flip
Final Cheeserecipe, C, Betterthancheddar - Ingrid Hanover
Google My Chrome, C, Betterthancheddar - Crazy She Calls Me
Royalty Agreement, F, Royalty For Life - Maker A Yankee
Riley, C, Warawee Needy - Rambaran Star
Fashion News, F, Donato Hanover - Fashion Tango
My Standards, F, Bolt The Duer - Lilli Maid

Bradley Maxwell, Guelph, Ontario
Always An Angel, F, Archangel - Always Dreaming

Scott McNiven, Dorchester, Ontario
Lady Libby, F, Shadow Play - Maddam Luck
Lolas Sunshine, F, Sunshine Beach - Lola Palooza
Red Overbach, G, Royalty For Life - Dixieland Jazz
Senior Writer, G, Sportswriter - Place Your Best
Shanghai Ky, G, Shanghai Phil - Shellace
Words Escape Me, G, Artspeak - Escape Girl

Bill Megens, Waterdown, Ontario
Opas Faith, F, Angus Hall - Musclemaya

Chantal Mitchell, Puslinch, Ontario
Beachyboy Hill, C, Sunshine Beach - Taxi Fare Hanover
Control Sicily, G, Control The Moment - Val Di Noto
DJ Seelster, G, Bettors Delight - Dance Craze
Handy Hill, C, Shadow Play - Betty Hill
Maeven Seelster, F, Artspeak - Magna Blue Chip
Restatution, C, Resolve - Wonder Wand
Ruth Hill, F, Bettors Delight - Chasing Ideals
Whata Diva, F, Bettors Delight - Rocknroll Diva
Royal Reputation, F, Royalty For Life - Linda Goldstein

Ken Middleton, Cambridge, Ontario
Bob Loblaw, C, Sunshine - Lady Marina
Dont Poke The Bear, C, Betterthancheddar - Little Miss Sporty

Ian Moore, Cambridge, Ontario
Angelonia, F, Archangel — Fabulous Tag
Century Inspector, C, He’s Watching — Mary Bits
Flo, F, Shadow Play — Bunkhouse Babe
Galleria Seelster, F, Shadow Play — Goddess Princess
Icey Shadow, C, Shadow Play — Icicle Angel
La Playa Deo, C, Sunshine Beach — See And Be Seen
Merengue Seelster, F, Sunshine Beach — Macapelo Rose
Ron, C, Sportswriter — Doubelieveinmagic
Shadow Moon Rising, C, Shadow Play — Lofty Yankee
Theresa Blue Chip, F, Shadow Play — Advantest
I Love Ongait, F, Sunshine Beach -So In Love
Non Alcoholic, F, Shadow Play - Kiddie Cocktail
Mercy, F, Art Speak - Lu Lu Q
Im King Conn, C, Hes Watching - Sweet Brown

Steve Morse, Dorchester, Ontario
Streetsofhooligan, F, Rose Run Hooligan - Queen Street

Eric Nadeau, Guelph, Ontario
Aladdin Du Lac, C, Sunshine Beach - Sheissuchadream
Beacon Seelster, C, Sportswriter - Tarport Baccarat
Dreamin Girl, F, Hes Watching - Armbro Bombay
Jafar Du Lac, C, Sunshine Beach - Norvena Hanover
Just Call Me Song, F, Sportswriter - Song Writer
Telltale Hanover, F, A Rocknroll Dance - The Art Museum

John Nicholson, Rockwood, Ontario
The Black Ace, C, Archangel - Neytiri

Dean Nixon, Guelph, Ontario
Tuesdays Gone, C, Bettors Delight - Bath Beach
Char The Star, F, Muscle Mass - I Like My Kaddy

Steve Norris, Perth, Ontario
Chesnutt Road, G, Holiday Road - Hola

Tony O'Sullivan, Cambridge, Ontario
Buena Suerte, F, Luckbewithyou - La Playa Brava
Cassini,C, Sweet Lou - Cabrini Hanover
Cerious Muscles, F, Muscle Mass - Cersei Hanover
Got the Gold, F, Bettors Delight - Ideal Nuggets
Petal Seelster, F, Sportswriter - Porsche Seelster
Rockaway Bay, C, A Rocknrolldance - St Mattricks Way
Somiki, C, Always B Miki - Solar Sister

John Pentland, Dorchester, Ontario
Pops Legacy, C, Warrawee Needy - Lookers Destiny
Go Go Diggy Schmo, C, Huntsville - Long Gone
Mako Me Rich, F, Heston Blue Chip - Quips
Da Magic Me Me, F, Bettors Delight - Phone Terror
Novem Hanover, F, Bettors Delight - Nine Lives Hanover
Nassau Hanover, C, Sportswriter - Northwestern
Big Bettor Hanover, F, Big Jim - Bettor's Chance
Play N Bad, C, Shadow Play - Fit N Bad
T Time Pat, F, Betterthancheddar - Voodoo Charm

Heather Picket, Clinton, Ontario
Beach Boots, G, Sunshine Beach - Loose Boots
Drinkin Buddy, G, Your Nemesis - Zip Car
Two Drinks Ago, G, Your Nemesis - Dynamic Date

Victor Puddy, Rockwood, Ontario
Current Danger, C, Angus Hall - Current Yield

Michel J Rivest, Lynden, Ontario
Streakatrina, F, Big Jim - Stonebridge Madona
Streakadabra, G, Hes Watching - Ok Destiny

James Ross, Wingham, Ontario
Century Iroc, C, A Rocknroll Dance - Brushstrokes

Murray Samons, Peterborough, Ontario
Nellie Hudson, F, Merchandizer - Dance Hall Wendy

Cassidy Schneider, Arthur, Ontario
Downstairs Party, C, Kadabra - Misty Ridge
Can Be A Treasure, C, State Treasurer - Canadette
Dovers Dream, C, Thinking Out Loud - Opinionated
Grammas Shadow, F, Shadow Play - Roulette Seelster

Brian Scott, Brinston, Ontario
Wellworththewait, C, Betterthancheddar - Im Before You

Brian Shewfelt, Kincardine, Ontario
Ideal Smiley, G, OK Boromir - Windmachine

Trevin Shive, Rines Creek, Ontario
Gangbuster Hanover, C, Betting Line - Goodwill Hanover
Beach shade, C, Sunshine Beach - Maidinshade
Ph Dynamite, F, Artspeak - Hay Stacked

Bud, Lindsey Sinclair & Son's, Stratford, Ontario
Speed Thrills, F, Betterthancheddar - Dream Of Mimi

Dave Snowden, Peterborough, Ontario
If The Crown Fits, F, Bettors Delight - Miss Machqueen
Bettor Man, C, Bettors Delight - An Angel Shes Not
Howyouplay Thegame, C, Sportswriter - Show Some Machsie
My First Kiss, C, Sportswriter - Kiss Me Or Not

Dennis Spitzig, Sarnia, Ontario
Miss Molly Marie, F, Amigo Hall - Miss Racearooney

Rusty Spitzig, Courtright, Ontario
Rickys A Rockin, C, Rocknroll King - Daily Report
Hard Rock Life, F, Rocknroll King - Hopesway

Taylor Spitzig, Courtright, Ontario
RocknRapid, C, Rocknroll King - Rapid Girl
Pink Rodeo, F, Rocknroll King - Eastern Art
Im Harley Quinn, F, Twin B Rawley - Daylight Katie

Mark Steacy, Lansdowne, Ontario
Warrawee Xenia, F, Walner - Endless Flirt
Energizer De Vie, C, Kadabra - Jazebel De Vie
Brazen Seelster, C, Bettors Delight - Bold Amoretto
Century Invader, C, Resolve - Lady Pixie
Creed Hanover, C, Kadabra - Creditover
Elisabetta, F, Kadabra - Harley Momma
Calm Cool Collectd, F, Archangel- Kalibrated
Irish Charm, F, Father Patrick - Royal Charm
Solo TT, F, Muscle Mass - Dream For Lindy
Courageux, C, Sunshine Beach- Dancin Inthe Nude
Macho Phil, C, Shanghai Phil - Hazel
In The Mood, F, Sunshine Beach - Racey Miss
Quebecoise, F, Sunshine Beach - Hazes Zure Bet
No More El Cheapo, C, Sunshine Beach - No More Loving
Iwanna BA Pirate, C, Sunshine Beach - Queens Character
Tax Seeker, G, State Treasurer - Roses from Above
Crooked Dealer, G, Wheeling N Dealin - Parcc Side Missy
Suellen Hanover, F, Bettors Delight - Scarlets Western

Teresa Stokes, Coldwater, Ontario
Last Call Gerome, G, Big Jim - Emmas Lily, Campbellville, Ontario
Almost There Boss, C, Sunshine Beach - Skittle Hanover
Amour Deaner, G, Father Patrick - Midgard Supremacy
Archsrainbow, F, Archangel - Much Fanfare
Bettor B Sawyer, F, Betterthancheddar - Dreamfair Orchid
Blue Bayou Deo, F, Trixton – Blue Yonder
Bomb Hugger, F, Chapter Seven – Stylemaker
Century Invictus, G, Bettors Delight - Strike A Chord
Confedrate Cruiser, G, Yankee Cruiser – Hurrikanequeenrose
Duke Deo, C, Trixton – Doris Deo
Ellis L, G, Cantab Hall – Evelyn
Eyes A Ten, F, What The Hill – Pretty Amigo
Garden State Deo, F, Trixton – Caylee Dream
Grace, F, Merchandiser – Ms Medusa
Granite Hill, G, What The Hill – Motunui
Harlan L, G, Cantab Hall – Southwind Hope
Hill Of Magic, F, What The Hill, Amber Kadabra
Kathi With An Eye, F, Uncle Peter – Sawmill Road
Loving Beauty, F, Swan For All – Perfect Beauty
Luck Of The Dragon, C, Fear The Dragon – Luck Of Michelle
Massive Profit, G, Muscle Massive – Right On Renee
Mats MVP, G, My MVP – Upfront Carol
Milliondollar Swan, G, Swan For All – Everything N More
Mischevious Rose, F, Muscle Mass – Vegas Virgin
Miss Mildred, F, Sunshine Beach – My Fleet Delight
Oftom, F, Long Tom – Mickey Lavec
Onetwoskipafew, F, Uncle Peter – Our Countess
Peanutbettornjelly, F, Bettors Delight – Mach Me Once
Prairie Fire, G, Long Tom – No Magic To It
Procrastinator, G, Downbytheseaside – I Kill Time
Purple Aura, F, Creatine – Purple Sona
Renegade Gypsy, G, Archangel – Sea Gypsy
Resolute Bay, G, Resolve - Tequilla Slammer
Rose Above It, G, Cantab Hall – Blessed
Rosies Masstrpiece, F, Muscle Mass - Rose De Vie Stena
Slim Jimmy, C, Long Tom – Swinging Nadine
Spent, G, Swan For All – Spend It In
Stonebridge Dolce, F, Cantab Hall - Stonebridge Brulee
Stonebridge Hecate, C, Kadabra - Armbro Vanquish
Sweet On Pete, F, Uncle Peter – Oh Sweet Baby
Threepointbluechip, C, Walner – Dunk The Donato
Tie One On, F, Bar Hopping – Twin B Alibi
Tioga Sunshine, F, Muscle Mass – Starfall Winner
Twin B Habanero, G, So Surreal – Western Heat
Twinkle In Hereye, F, Bettors Delight – Ashlees Star
U Gotta Be Leaf, C, Uncle Peter – Keep Swimming
Unbeatable Kemp, C, Walner – Credit To Elgin
Voyageoficeandfire, C, Break The Bank K – Bon Voyage
Willtowin Hanover, F, Cantab Hall – Window Willow
World For Two, G, A Rocknroll Dance – Fit N Fancy

Raymond Stewart, London, Ontario
Whiz Wit, C, Betterthancheddar - Attack The Books

Jean Tourigny, Guelph, Ontario
Hp Felicity, F, Muscle Mass - Canaco Runner
Hp Rhapsody, F, Royalty For Life - Mikas Mazurka
Tymal Tiggs, C, Muscle Mass - Eagle Canada
Hp Momentum, C, Control The Moment - Amenable Hanover
Hp Lis Shadow, C, Shadow Play - Lisbella
Tj Sierra, F, Shadow Play - Dior Seelster
Cleveland Windsun, C, Sunshine Beach - Matilda

Michel Turenne, Gloucester, Ontario
St Lads Sugar, F, Sunshine Beach - St Lads Coco

Sebastien Turenne, Ottawa, Ontario
Hellas Rocket, C, Big Jim - Hellas Angel
Peeping Tommy, G, Artspeak - St Lads Peeper

Mike Wade, Little Britain, Ontario
Senior Advisor, C, Artspeak - Southwind Gloria
Big Reds Indy, F, Artspeak - My Red High Heels
Kipper Whipr Snipr, G, Royalty For Life - New Years Day
Wildcat Rocky, C, Hes Watching - Wildcat Beauty
Lady Toovey, F, Sportswriter - Lake Shore Drive

Jayne Walker, Guelph, Ontario
Ardynes Moment, F, Control The Moment - Ardyne Phyllis

Isaac & Tess Waxman, Ancaster, Ontario
Effingham, G, Sunshine Beach - Twin B Inspiring
Shadow Maguire, F, Shadow Play - Meredith Maguire N
One Last Bet, F, Betting Line - One Last Bono
Magic Bullet, F, Sportswriter - Magical Western
Snoah, F, Hes Watching - Snowbird
Horsche, C, Hes Watching - Xena Bayama
St Lads Gunner, C, State Treasurer - St Lads Hailaroo
Desire to Fire, C, Sportswriter - Ashlees Spitfire

Shane Weber, St. Catherines, Ontario
Saundra, F, Resolve - World Class Image
South Port, C, Archangel - Fiery Manes
Miss Pearl Jack, F, Chapter Seven - California Rachel
Send Me No Roses, C, Credit Winner - Priya Seelster
R Royal Port, C, Archangel - World Class Izzy
R Hot Toddy, C, Muscle Mass - R Catching Fire
Mercutio, C, Bar Hopping - Frisky Magic
Tymal Nightshade, C, Resolve - Tymal Illbthere

Bobbi-Jo Weinholdt-Harris, Guelph, Ontario
Dreamfair Arnie B, C, Sportswriter - Dreamfair Eternal
Dreamfair Sunshine, C, Sunshine Beach - Dreamfair Eclipse

James Wellwood, Ancaster, Ontario
Tora The Explorer, F, Sportswriter - Jusluky Bobbi J
Warrawee Xceed, G, Sportswriter - Warrawee Koine

Rick Wilson, St. Marys, Ontario
Pacing For Cash, G, State Treasurer - Vibrent Ally

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