WEG Thanks Standardbred Owners, Trainers & Drivers

Published: January 6, 2009 01:29 pm EST

Woodbine Entertainment Group today posted the following note on its website addressed to the standardbred owners, trainers and drivers


WEG would like to sincerely thank the many owners, trainers and drivers who participated in its racing programs during the recent call for a boycott of entries by the OHHA.

As OHHA continues to misrepresent key issues, WEG would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the horsepeople's revenue sharing arrangements and purse contributions are protected and assured by the Access Agreements. These are binding contracts which WEG has no intention whatsoever of changing and WEG guarantees these financial arrangements until such time as an agreement with WEG's horsepeople is in place.

In addition, the Site Holder Agreements between the OLG and WEG at Mohawk and Woodbine provide for and protect the horsepeople's 10% share of slot machine revenue which goes into purses. These contracts run until 2014 and 2015 respectively. Again, WEG has no desire or ability to change these contracts.

WEG also wishes to make it clear that it will not use its private property rights in cases of positive tests that are not class 1, 2 or 3 performance enhancing drugs or TCO 2 violations. Anyone can make a mistake with everyday, therapeutic medications.

WEG is a not for profit corporation with a Board of Directors composed of horsemen. The Directors believe passionately in honest, exciting, quality harness racing. They have no desire to reduce purses. To do so would be contrary to their very objectives. OHHA's suggestions to this effect are both offensive and illogical.

The simple fact is that WEG and OHHA have fundamentally different beliefs when it comes to the product of harness racing, the necessity for integrity, the importance of the customer and indeed the very future of horse racing.

(Woodbine Entertainment Group)

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