At The Door Of Our Harshest Critics

Published: February 4, 2010 08:56 pm EST

I like pizza. I eat it fairly fact, I just finished having some for lunch. It wasn't great as it was a bit burnt on the bottom. Granted, it was a frozen store-bought and cooked at home, so there's no one to blame for that but me


If I did purchase that pie at a pizza store, however, I would not have been impressed and I likely wouldn't go back. I'd tell people that the pizza I purchased was pretty poor and not recommend their product.

Pizza and harness racing, from a business perspective, aren't all that different. Pizza has lots of competition for the dining dollar, harness racing has lots of competition for the wagering and entertainment dollar. So imagine my reaction to the latest ad campaign from Domino's, sent to me by Ken Warkentin of the Meadowlands, called the Pizza Turnaround.


“There comes a time when you know you’ve got to make a change,” says President Patrick Doyle. Domino's takes it on the chin, gets up, dusts themselves off and makes a commitment to provide its customers with a better product and the fresh tagline of "Oh Yes We Did."

In the follow-up to this commercial, Domino's took their new product to the door of the people disgusted by their dining experience.


Sure, it's pizza. But they reinvented their product based on the criticism of their customers...and won people back. With online wagering possibly getting the green light in Quebec in partnership with the BC Lottery Corporation and Atlantic Lottery Corporation, harness racing needs to embrace Domino's delivery model and arrive at the door of our harshest critics with an answer to their complaints and a reason to stay with us.


Excellent point Jeff and what a great way to present it. It is another example of the power of the internet and how thoughtful and enthusiastic people like yourself can be instrumental in promoting our sport and business to the general public. Hopefully,we will take the steps that are necessary. Great stuff!!

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